19 Apr


5 Love Languages: Business Communication


Format: ​60-90 Minute Keynote

This 5 Love Languages program is perfect for:

  • ​Teams dealing with negativity at work
  • Team members who feel as though the bonds that once tied them have been broken
  • Government or non-profit employees who sometimes don’t feel appreciated for the job they do


Participants will leave with:

  • A new perspective on why showing things such as respect, trust, gratitude, and even love at work is so important, and (for our left-brainers in the audience) how it directly benefits them to do so
  • Specific strategies to help them identify which of the five “love” languages others speak, and then speak to them in that language when it comes time to show respect, say thank you, or apologize, and
  • Language patterns, tactics, and action-steps to help them bridge the gap between what they’re thinking and feeling and demonstrating it in a way that resonates with those around them in a meaningful, productive way.
  • Improved interpersonal communication skills that will


What if suddenly you felt a profound sense of appreciation and gratitude for everything you do coming from everyone at work?

How would things change if suddenly it was easier for all of us to:

  • Be more forgiving and understanding of one another,
  • Encourage others to exceed their personal and professional expectations, and
  • Show one another how much we appreciate not just what we all do, but who we all are?

Just imagine what could happen if everyone at work really understood the unique ways we all show and understand signs of gratitude, appreciation, and respect, and took a more proactive, personal approach to nurturing the professional bond that ties us all together?

How would that change the experience you have every day when you come to work?


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