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The Top 10 Customer Service Mistakes and How to Avoid Making Them

Do you deal with outrageous behavior at work?

Whether it’s from external or internal customers, do you ever ask yourself, “Do they talk to everyone like that, or is it just with me–or just here?”

I’ve got the answer-- It’s just you.


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I mean, imagine this–Imagine you’re ordering the lobster bisque with a pomegranate mint lemonade from your personal concierge while you lounge poolside at the Four Seasons Resort in Palm Beach. Think about that for a moment.

Is that the same tone, manner, demeanor and language you’d use if you were trying to shake loose some extra hot sauce packets for your 3-piece wing combo meal in line at the 24-hour drive-through kiosk of the the downtown Jacksonville Popeye’s? Is it? Because if you spoke the same way at both places, one of them would most likely label your behavior as inappropriate.

There’s no two-ways about it; organizations and individuals alike train people how to treat them. That’s the bottom line. 

  • So how are you training people to treat you? How about where you work? How do you all train your customers to treat you?
  • How are you training each other to talk to one another?

It doesn’t take long for us to determine what the expectations are when we open the lines of communication with an organization. 

  • What is it that sets certain organizations apart as the ones who we put on our best behavior for, either as an employee or a customer? You know the ones.

There IS a playbook when it comes to professional communication, and I’m going to give you the top ten rules that most of us break all the time and then wonder why we’re being treated like–well–like an amateur.

How can people know how they’re supposed to treat us if we’ve never taught them?

Isn’t it about time you properly established boundaries, set rules, and started training people how to treat you?

There is a specific, step-by-step formula used by professionals every day all over the world to ensure they’re on-point when communicating professionally, and this includes delivering stellar customer service.

What will I learn?

In this webinar you’ll learn just what that formula is, how it works, and how to use it so you can go toe-to-toe with your competition without spending any extra time or money on professional communication or customer service training.

In this webinar:
  • You’ll be given the five-step tactical communication strategy you can use to set the tone for all of your conversations
  • You'll learn the secret to gaining trust and building confidence within the first 30 seconds of greeting new customers or colleagues  
  • You'll discover how to avoid making the most common fau-pax most people make when asking a customer or their boss for something
  • You'll get a tool you can use to activate the emotional side of the recipient’s brain so they feel good when they’re around you and enjoy working with you even when you’re making a request or saying no
  • You’ll discover the big mistake most people make that tarnishes their reputation, and learn how to avoid making the same mistake, and
  • You'll learn the the secret to label-planting the right way so you determine the words people use to describe you,

And putting all of these things together, you will see an immediate, measurable, positive impact on your organization’s, your department’s, and your own personal reputation.

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