live onsite communication skills courses--2 New Ones!
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live onsite communication skills courses--2 New Ones!

In these new live onsite communication skills courses from Dan O'Connor you'll learn how to stop negative or toxic behavior in the workplace by calling people out on their issues--but using mindful, professional communication tactics from Dan O'Connor, the world's #1 communication skills trainer and thought leader.

These live onsite communication skills courses are brand-new, so we don't have official course descriptions on line yet, however, if you check out the descriptions of the products on which these live onsite communication skills training workshops are based, you'll know what's in them and what you'll get out of them. One is more focused on assertive communication skills for the workplace, and the other is focused on personal development and principle-centered communication.

You have to guess which is which. There will be a test.

Of course, you can always contact us and request more information here, and we'll get it right to you.

Before you check them out, I want to take a moment to thank everyone for helping me get to over 100K subscribers on our YouTube channel! Woooo-hooo! While delivering live onsite communication skills courses, I have to say that YouTube is a pretty close second in terms of what kind of communication skills training courses I prefer to deliver. So thank you for not only helping me achieve our goal of passing 100K subscribers, but thank you for your kind words of encouragement, as well as every helpful criticism that has enabled us to help so many people all over the world improve their communication skills.

The online free communication skills training lessons are a perfect way to improve your communication skills online before, after, or while you're waiting to join me for a live event, so I'll keep the live onsite communication skills courses coming if you promise to keep coming in person, and subscribing to our free online communication skills training videos and courses.

Thank you all very much.

Here are the links to the new live onsite courses from Dan O'Connor:

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