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Communication Skills Training: How to Confront without being Confrontational

Communication Skills Training: Confront without being confrontational
Communication Skills Training: Confront without being confrontational


Communication Skills Training: Constructive Confrontation–It’s inevitable; we all need an effective communication strategy for calling someone on his/her behavior at one time or another. If we’re not careful, most times the “confrontation” only makes matters worse.
If for whatever reason you need to “call someone out” on his or her behavior, or let someone know that “you know–and you want them to know that you know,” try this simple, effective professional communication strategy:

According to  the book The Laws of Power, it’s the person who asks the most questions in any relationship who has the perceived power in that relationship. Using this strategy will not only help you find the words to confront someone in a professional way, but also establish you as having more power in the relationship, all while giving the other person an easy out; a true win-win.
Simply put, if you choose to be “the investigator” when you need to confront someone on backstabbing, gossip, unprofessional behavior, sloppy work, a lie, or whatever else, just ask questions. You can start by saying something like this:

“Mark, I’m confused. Can you tell me what I might be missing? I can’t seem to find what I need in your report.” or “Jane, I’m troubled. Can you tell me why Mary would say you’re saying…about me?” or “Jean, I’m concerned. What am I doing wrong that this keeps happening again and again?”
The best part—if you truly are misunderstanding something, it’s a great opportunity to get the correct information without running the risk of being “wrong.” You can never be in the wrong when you’re simply looking for answers.

The next time you or someone in your office has to confront someone, remember–if you choose to be the investigator, it’s a simple, easy way to walk the fine line of assertive communication without crossing into passive or aggressive territory. This is great for combating negativity at work, backstabbing, gossiping, and other unprofessional behavior.

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