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19 Apr


Customer service and communication skills for Techies and other left-brainers

Customer Service Training designed SPECIFICALLY for techies and other left-brainers


If you’ve been told–“You’re very good with numbers and concepts, but your communication skills suck” this course is for you!


  • 60 minute keynote, webinar, or 1 day workshop


This program is perfect for:

  • ​Technical customer service representatives on all levels who deal with other people, both internally and externally
  • Managers and supervisors of tech-support teams

The audience will leave with:

  • Tactics to help them deliver instruction to even the most sensitive people in a way that increases the odds they understand it, and makes them feel comfortable coming back for more when they need it
  • Scripts and strategic verbal patterns that they can use to connect with both sides of the brain when speaking to others, which helps strengthen relationships, build effective teams, and facilitate communication in every area of life
  • Tools that help them identify when they need to “switch” to the emotional side of the brain, and speak from-and to-emotion, along with strategies with which to do so, facilitating more empathetic, personal communication, and
  • Strategies that will help them recognize the signs that reveal what personality type they’re communicating with, and strategically mirror their tone, rate of speech, and verbal patterns to facilitate communication and increase understanding.

During this event, audience members will be given the tools they need to take their customer service, sales, and communication skills to a higher level by learning to speak in a more empathetic, customer-focused manner.

Dan focuses on scripts, verbal patterns, danger-phrases and power-phrases, step-by-step tactics, and specific words to help participants “speak the language” their coworkers and customers have been needing to hear all along.


To join Dan’s training group: click here!
Do you want to learn more about communication training that can help you become a more powerful, assertive, direct communicator? Communication that can change your life? Go to //, along with his 50-lesson comprehensive communication training course.

Does your office need a communication trainer–a world-renowned expert trainer in customer service– who can help you create a healthy, safe office environment? Would you like training in handling negativity; teams and leadership; and creating a respectful, professional work-place? Then go to // and request a quote from Dan and his team.

Dan O’Connor specializes in delivering strategic verbal patterns, danger phrases, power phrases, lead-in lines, closing lines, freestyle scripts, and other specific tactics that participants can immediately use to achieve instant results both at work and at home.

Thousands of individuals listen each day to Dan’s online podcasts and watch his videos, and the nations leading businesses have had Dan come onsite to help with creating healthier relationships, a more positive work environment, a superior customer service force, and an atmosphere that promotes and values all of the people ­­all of the time.

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