19 Apr


Negativity at Work:  Communication Skills Training–

Stop the negative chatter and handle negative people


​60 Minute Keynote or 1/2 Day Workshop or 1 1/2 hour webinar

This program is perfect for:

  • ​Managers and supervisors who struggle keeping the atmosphere positive
  • Teams who struggle with negativity or passive aggressive behavior at work
  • Teams who have been struggling dealing with change


Participants will leave with:

  • ​An anti-negativity blueprint they can use to start transforming their workplace into a more positive one starting day one
  • An arsenal of tools they can use when faced with negativity or passive-aggressive behavior
  • Power phrases that give them the words to respond when dealing with backstabbers, office gossips, constant complainers, victims, and other negaddicted people
  • Free-style scripts they can use to address unwanted chatter without being “confrontational”
  • A different perspective that empowers them when dealing with negativity, and a renewed sense of commitment to defeat it
  • A clear vision as to what their role really has been, and what it will be going forward

​If your team struggles with negativity or negative chatter–event if it’s just one person–you know how transformational it would be if all of a sudden you could come to work and not have that distracting you from your day-to-day responsibilities. More than half of those dealing with negativity at work think there is nothing they can do about it, and are therefore doing nothing about it.

Imagine the possibilities if after just one session, you had an army of energy-transformers charging into your organization, ready to win the battle against negativity and illuminate every corner of your office with positive energy.

How would that affect productivity, customer service, and sales? If you even suspect there might be a problem, remember that your efforts spent on any other kind of training or development will be severely impaired until this silent productivity-killer is addressed–and vanquished forever.


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Dan O’Connor specializes in delivering strategic verbal patterns, danger phrases, power phrases, lead-in lines, closing lines, freestyle scripts, and other specific tactics that participants can immediately use to achieve instant results both at work and at home.

Thousands of individuals listen each day to Dan’s online podcasts and watch his videos, and the nations leading businesses have had Dan come onsite to help with creating healthier relationships, a more positive work environment, a superior customer service force, and an atmosphere that promotes and values all of the people ­­all of the time.

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