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23 Feb

Delivering Messages–Professional Communication Speaking Skills–Danger and Power Phrases

Effectively delivering messages requires the right power words

Delivering messages–Ever wonder why even your best ideas don’t get any traction?  Does it seem to you your ideas aren’t being heard or taken seriously? Do you notice other people getting their point across–even when their point is not worth discussing?

Note to self: You need the right words in order to be heard.  You need an approach that is prepared, and uncommon.  Below you’ll learn two power and danger phrases to be aware of the next time you have a message to deliver in the workplace–or at home, for that matter.  These “delivering messages” scripts are brought to you by communication training expert and keynote speaker Dan O’Connor to assist you in your desire to Step Out of the Shadows and Speak!

1. Delivering messages–DANGER PHRASE: “In my opinion. . . .”  POWER PHRASE: “I believe. . . .”

When it comes time to give your opinion, don’t diminish the power of your message by prefacing it with something such as, “In my opinion….”  Doing so tells the listener, “Well, it’s JUST my opinion, so take it or leave it.”

Sometimes, of course, this is exactly what you mean to say. For example, if you’re the boss, and your employee asks you for feedback, and you’re really not certain that your ideas are spot-on, you might say, “In my opinion,” and the effect is what you intended. However, many up-and-coming executives are uncertain and insecure, and therefore preface what could be wonderful solutions with phrases such as, “In my opinion…” which then weakens and sabotages the subsequent message.

The listener already knows it’s your opinion, and stating so merely takes away from your professional communication power. Instead, try something such as, “I believe…” or–nothing at all. Remember that sometimes brevity is key; the most powerful messages are those that are short, clear, and concise.  So remember–if you want to emphasize that it is ONLY your opinion–then state that.  But if you want to deliver a more powerful and emphatic message, begin with “I believe” rather than “in my opinion.

2. Delivering messages–DANGER PHRASE: “I have an idea. . . .”  POWER PHRASE: “I have a solution. . . .”

Ideas are a dime a dozen.  The word “idea” simply connotes that a thought has come into your brain.  But the word “solution” indicates that you are about to solve a problem.  In other words, it is an “idea” wrapped in purpose!  If you have a problem, don’t you want to find the solution?  Big difference.  People listen to the word “solution.”  It is a powerful word that trumps “idea” every time.  Empower your message with the right lead-in words, and it stands a much better chance of being heard.  Example:  Your car has run out of gas on a remote stretch of highway and you call your office for help.  Do you want to hear “Hey!  I have an idea” or do you want to hear “Don’t worry; I have the solution”?  Just a thought. . . .to make a point. . . .

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