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“No matter what you have to say, you can say it in a loving manner. Yes, even at work.”

-Dan O’Connor

45-90 minute keynote–can be expanded into one day of training

This Miraculous Relationships program is perfect for:

  • ​Audience members who are into relationships (yes, miraculous relationships!), people, and communication
  • Those looking to bring a spiritual element to an event while being inclusive and respectful to those who may not share the same faith as most attendees
  • Government or corporate events that must remain faith-neutral, to faith-based organizations such as churches or charities*

NB: This keynote touches participants on a very deep, spiritual level, and while it does not reference any religion or school of thought, it can easily be customized to do so as has been done in the past.

The audience will leave with:

  • ​Specific tools to help them see their relationships from an entirely new perspective, and experience them in a way that is more empowering to both them and the other person in the relationship
  • Strategies to help them find forgiveness and move past obstacles that have prevented them from receiving the gift that is waiting for them in every relationship they have
  • Empowering, new step-by-step tactics that will change their thought patterns and how they approach every person they meet, and
  • The 3 universal principles they can reference that will help them choose correctly any time they are faced with any challenge in any relationship
“What should I say? What should I do? Will I regret it if I …”
These are thought patterns we all have when deciding how to deal with challenges that come up in our relationships.Imagine how it would feel if the next time you are faced with a decision that will impact your relationship, you were totally confident that the choice you are making is the right choice for you and for the other person in your relationship.How would that feel?

Would you like to find out?


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Dan O’Connor specializes in delivering strategic verbal patterns, danger phrases, power phrases, lead-in lines, closing lines, freestyle scripts, and other specific tactics that participants can immediately use to achieve instant results both at work and at home.

Thousands of individuals listen each day to Dan’s online podcasts and watch his videos, and the nations leading businesses have had Dan come onsite to help with creating healthier relationships, a more positive work environment, a superior customer service force, and an atmosphere that promotes and values all of the people ­­all of the time.

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