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16 Jul

Relationship Self-Help: Communication between sexes–What Your Man is Really Saying

What is your (cave) man really saying?
Well–If you learn how to finish his sentences, you’ll see that most of them should be ending “with you.” So maybe it’s time to get savvy regarding your man?

[embedyt][/embedyt] In this relationship self-help video on communication between sexes and UNDERSTANDING WHAT YOUR (CAVE) MAN IS REALLY SAYING, world-renowned relationship expert Dan O’Connor shows women how to interpret the meaning of what their significant other is saying, so they can avoid a world of hurt. There is ONE SIMPLE PHRASE that women should add to the “I don’t want to get married” sentence if they ever hear it! Dan will once again give you the words–and in this instance, interpret those words.

Generally, when a man says “now”–as in “I don’t want to get married right now” he means OR EVER! (TO YOU!) This professional communication skills training video teaches you simple, powerful, and easy-to-use visual communication strategies that you can start using today to understand relationship clues better, and therefore make better decisions. Although Dan is approaching the topic with his usual humor, the underlying message is critical. LEARN TO FINISH THOSE SENTENCES!

Communication between sexes
Relationship self-help: communication between the sexes

Ready to subscribe to the communication between sexes and personal relationship training that will truly awaken the best in you and change your life? Join Dan’s group of savvy communicators!

If you’re looking for professional development training from the world’s best, Dan O’Connor is a keynote speaker and author specializing in communication skills, and Dan is the creator of “Tactical Communication Skills Training System” which has revolutionized the communication training industry. Check out all Dan’s videos, books, audios, and other resources at Dan’s store by clicking here.

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Dan O’Connor specializes in delivering strategic verbal patterns, danger phrases, power phrases, lead-in lines, closing lines, freestyle scripts, and other specific tactics that participants can immediately use to achieve instant results both at work and at home.

Thousands of individuals listen each day to Dan’s online podcasts and watch his videos, and the nations leading businesses have had Dan come onsite to help with creating healthier relationships, a more positive work environment, a superior customer service force, and an atmosphere that promotes and values all of the people ¬≠¬≠all of the time.

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