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14 Mar

Stellar Customer Service Training: Uber-quick tip–Replace the danger phrase “no problem” when dealing with customers

Stellar customer service: replace "no problem" with a power phrase--customer service communication skills

Stellar Customer Service

How on earth can “no problem” be a danger phrase?

After all, “no problem” is common-as-dirt and certainly inoffensive.  But is that what you want to be?  Is that the label you want to plant in the mind of your customer?  I don’t think so.  You can do wayyy better than that, especially if your desire is to deliver more than customer service.  If your desire is to deliver stellar customer service, you want to plant a stellar label with your name on it in the minds of every person you serve.  So let’s see, what do you want the customer to think of when he/she thinks of you.  You want them to think of you as someone who enjoys being of service–one who is grateful for the opportunity to help.  So the next time someone says “thank you” to you because you did your job and helped them, do NOT say “no problem.”  Instead say the phrase that is becoming commonly uncommon–namely “You’re welcome!”  And say it with a smile, even if you are on the phone, because though that smile can’t be seen (usually), it can be felt and heard in your tone.  And if you want to go even further, and plant a label that says “It was my pleasure to serve you” then say just that.  That is the uncommon phrase that I guarantee you will have your client or customer remember you positively the next time you meet.  And your client will feel good about you–which is your goal as a business professional.

So, in summary, here is your professional communication skills training tip for the day brought to you by expert communication trainer, Dan O’Connor:

Not all responses are created equal.  Sometimes a common response is OK, but the stellar customer service representative seeks out an even better one.

This is the case with today’s danger and power phrases.

Danger Phrase: “No problem.”

Power Phrase: “You’re welcome.”  Or “It’s my pleasure.”

If someone thanks you for something, the correct response is, “You’re welcome” or even better–“it’s my pleasure.”

No problem,” or anything similar should be purged from your verbal patterns.

While we certainly don’t mean to sound unprofessional when we say, “No problem,” saying that implies that there may have been a problem to begin with, but you’re forgiving the aggravation. Furthermore, it simply sounds unprofessional–common–and forgettable.

If you listen to savvy, powerful communicators respond to people thanking them, you’ll note they simply say, “You’re welcome.”  And occasionally you’ll hear (and remember) “it’s my pleasure.”

While developing your professional communication skills, keeping a Danger Phrase and Power Phrase list will help you stay one step ahead of the competition.


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