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06 May

Tragic News–How to Respond–Dan’s Communication Minute

Tragic news: Communication Skills--How to respond
Tragic news: Communication Skills–How to respond


How to respond to “the call”–the one delivering bad news–

and how NOT to respond–

Q:What do I say when someone tells me tragic news?

A: There are some things in which all savvy communicators must be skilled.  Responding to tragic news is one of those things.

In this communication skills training podcast/video, you’ll learn to use the two-step process when tragedy strikes someone you know.

The two steps are as follows:

1-Tell them specifically what you’d like to do to help, and

2-Ask them to please allow you do do it for them as a favor to you.

The next time someone tells you about some awful event taking place, you’ll be ready, and you’ll be seen as (and feel like) a loving, confident, powerful, savvy communicator.  Instead of lining up behind the “Let me know if I can do anything for you” group of well-wishers, you’ll be the one empowered to be of help to someone who needs you.  What could be more fulfilling than that?


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