Step Out of the Shadows and Speak Online Communication Skills Training Course by Dan O'Connor, the Wizard of Words

Imagine how things would change at work if everyone knew the different ways to show appreciation and respect


Just think what could happen if everyone at work really understood the unique ways we all show and understand signs of gratitude, appreciation, and respect, and took a more proactive, personal approach to nurturing the professional bond that ties us all together. 

In this course, participants will learn:
  • How to differentiate between the five different languages spoken by those with whom they work and serve when showing respect, appreciation, demonstrating gratitude, or apologizing,
  • How to recognize the signals people around them are sending so that they can determine which of the five languages would be the most effective when showing appreciation or respect, and
  • How to “style step” when they show appreciation, respect, gratitude, or contrition, so they can impact their coworkers and those they serve on a more profound emotional level because they are doing it in the recipient’s own “language.”

 This course is perfect for:

  • Employees who want to improve their communication in the workplace
  • Managers and executives who need to better understand the needs of their staff
  • Business owners looking for ways to foster a positive working environment
  • Relationship experts and coaches who teach others how to use the 5 love languages in professional contexts
  • Human resource professionals seeking new strategies for team building and morale
  • Couples or families wanting tips on using the 5 love languages at work
  • Teachers interested in teaching students about emotional intelligence


Remember when they tried to express gratitude or appreciation for a coworker, and it backfired, leaving them reluctant to do so in the future


Realize how a change in their approach may have made all the difference in the reaction they got from the other person


Recognize how the people with whom they work (and those they serve) want to be shown appreciation & respect


Learn to let go of grievances held against those who may have inadvertently offended them in the past by speaking the wrong language


Strategize how they will use the five languages, anticipating the new experience they’ll have

Recent Clients Include:

Melanie Thompson Testimonial for Communication Course by Dan O'Connor

I regained my authority thanks to you!

I had a problem communicating for a while…when someone who is not my boss asked me what I was working on recently, I did exactly what you said, and he did just what you said he would do. Wow! 15 years+ and now I got it. Thank you so much I felt so empowered. I regained my authority thanks to you!


 BOA, Southern Brokerage Firm

Lisa Goldberg testimonial for Communication Skills Course from Dan O'Connor

should be mandatory in all colleges

I work as a director of HR for a Job Corps center that provides vocational training to underprivileged youth age 16 to 24. I also train frontline supervisors and train in the community. I wish I could get a commission for the number of times I have referred folks to Dan. Classes should be mandatory in all colleges. I just love Dan–what a gift!


SHRM-SCP, SPHR, Director of HR at Oneonta Job Corps

Testimonial for communication course from CH for Dan O'Connor, The Wizard of Words

My innocent quiet girl has a new boyfriend!

Somehow i stumbled on your Youtube page. I watched how to deal with rude coworkers first. Then I began digging deeper into your videos. So, your videos on how to pivot and lean, sticky eyes etc were fantastic. My teenaged daughter actually watched and practiced the technique this week. Your nephews napkin drop was spot on! It took 3 days, now my innocent quiet girl has a new boyfriend! I mean come on!! Your videos are spot on!


Housewife and Mother

Expert Communication Course Creator and Author Dan O'Connor

Creating Life-changing Communication Courses for more than 20 Years

For over 20 years, expert communication course creator and bestselling author Dan O’Connor has been transforming workplaces and giving people the words they need to reclaim their joy and take their power back from toxic people both at work and at home through his innovative communication courses and dealing with difficult people training resources.

Dan leverages his vast experience, education, and passion for mindful, loving communication (yes, even when you're shutting down difficult people) to create interactive and engaging courses that teach individuals and teams the communication skills they need to succeed in the 21st-century workplace and beyond.

Author, Influencer, Professor, Keynote Speaker, and Communication Course Creator 

As a professional author, influencer, professor, keynote speaker, and communication course creator, Dan is passionate about helping individuals and teams communicate on a deeper, more meaningful level.

But meaning isn't everything. Sometimes we may not WANT to communicate on a deeper level with someone, Right? Well, if that's the case, he also teaches you how to shut down toxic coworkers, narcissistic bosses, and rude employees so you can take back your power, reclaim your joy at home, and enjoy peace and prosperity in the workplace and beyond.

 Recognized around the world as a thought leader in the field of tactical communication training and pioneer in communication course creation, Dan is truly teaching the world how to say whatever they have to say in a loving way while elevating the global dialogue one conversation at a time.


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Step Out of the Shadows and Speak Online Communication Skills Training Course by Dan O'Connor, the Wizard of Words

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