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Professional Communication Class--

The Very Next Day I Was Able to Use His Tools!

I took Dan’s training, and the very next day I was able to use his communication tools in a very difficult meeting. I was able to negotiate a solution that worked for the entire team. I can’t speak highly enough of Dan’s training.


Louisiana State University

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Online Professional Communication--

Thank you for . . . giving practical easy phrases to use, wisdom to know why . . .

Hi Dan! That was the first video I saw of you and it was so full of energy, I subscribed to your channel, started stalking you on Facebook and Instagram, which has resulted in me giving you money in exchange for your wisdom, insights, and humor. This Memorial weekend, I have binged watched as many videos as I could while reading Say this not That and Energy Vampire Slaying 101 on the kindle app (In bed sick)- because what you say, and how you present is just that good. Thank you for being you, you are just super cool. I appreciate how you connect the dots for us to elevate the global conversation and change our world by having “enlightened understanding” (your response to a comment on youtube) and since I want to be a savvy, effective, communicator too, and I need and appreciate all the help I can get! Thank you for turning on the light, being a light, giving practical easy phrases to use, wisdom to know why, and encouraging all of us to be light, and illuminate our world! Many blessings to you, Buddy, Maggie and your team. Sincerely with hugs,


(a savvy enlightened communicator padawan)

communication coaches
communication coaches
communication coaches

Interpersonal Communication Skills Training--

I Regained My Authority Thanks to You!

I had a problem communicating for a while…when someone who is not my boss asked me what I was working on recently, I did exactly what you said, and he did just what you said he would do. Wow! 15 years+ and now I got it. Thank you so much I felt so empowered. I regained my authority thanks to you!

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Professional Development Communication Skills--

Should be Mandatory in All Colleges.

I work as a director of HR for a Job Corps center that provides vocational training to underprivileged youth age 16 to 24. I also train frontline supervisors and train in the community. I wish I could get a commission for the number of times I have referred folks to the website and Energy Vampire Slaying: 101. Practical information. Classes should be mandatory in all colleges. I just love Dan–what a gift!


SHRM-SCP, SPHR, Director of HR at Oneonta Job Corps

communication coaches
communication coaches
communication coaches

Personal Communication Coach--

Pivot and lean with sticky eyes worked fantastically!

Somehow i stumbled on your Youtube page. I watched how to deal with rude coworkers first. Then I began digging deeper into your videos. So, your videos on how to pivot and lean, sticky eyes etc were fantastic. My teenaged daughter actually watched and practiced the technique this week. Your nephews napkin drop was spot on! It took 3 days, now my innocent quiet girl has a new boyfriend! I mean come on!! Your videos are spot on!

Online communication coaching


Online Communication Training--

Heaps of Great Tips!

Heaps of great tips on how to deal with difficult people. Thanks!

Online communication coaching


Professional Communication Training--

Real, practical advice on work place dynamics, and how to deal with challenging personalities!

Dan gives real, practical advice on work place dynamics, and how to deal with challenging personalities. While we can’t change the personalities of our colleagues, we can change how we allow them to treat us, and how we act or react to their behavior. Dan’s advice comes in small, digestible chunks, which allows us to experiment with changing one behavior at a time. I highly recommend Dan’s program for individuals. What would be ideal is if Dan actually went to corporations and changed the culture from the inside. The whole country could benefit from his teachings!




Professional Communication Class and Professional Development Communication Skills--

I highly recommend that everyone attend his workshops; you won’t be disappointed.

I have had the pleasure of attending Dan O’Conner’s training sessions. The communication tools I received are awesome. I utilize them daily at work and also in my personal life. Dan’s workshops are amazing whether on-line or as a speaker/presenter! I highly recommend that everyone attend his workshops, you won’t be disappointed. You will obtain easy, simple communication tools and more that can be used in the workplace or at home. He is truly one of a kind! Sincerely, Linda Buck, M.Ed;RD/LD



Online communication coaching
Online communication coaching


Professional Interpersonal Skills--

It was like an invisible shield began to form around me!

When I began to master some of these communication skills, it was like an invisible shield began to form around me allowing me to cut through the BS, and the backstabbing, negative, cowardly A-holes not only stepped aside but followed my lead without my even asking them to. For nearly two years I had been pleading and teaching and hoping my angry, rude, negative, uncaring, uneducated coworkers would follow my 20-year well-trained example , but, I felt like an old dim lighthouse on a distant coastline, in the middle of a storm, on a very dark night, they just couldn’t see, and I was giving up hope that I could reach them, until…I went over and over the skills, trying this way and that, and today Dan, I nailed it! I wish you could have been there, it was magic!

- C.H.
Online communication coaching


Professional Development Communication--

Thank you Dan for making life easier for all of us with your lessons and wisdom.

Dan’s lessons are an ongoing inspiration for me to improve my communication skills and my outlook towards life. Thank you dan for making life easier for all of us with your lessons and wisdom.


Medical staff Officer
American University of Beirut Medical Center

Online communication coaching
Professional Communication Training Online
Professional Communication Training Online


Professional Communication Training Online--

It’s the best professional development product I have ever used!

I have improved my communications exponentially and continue to excel as I review your material and apply the lessons to real world situations. It’s the best professional development product I have ever used, an exceptional value as well!


President, Unmanned Aircraft Safety & Security Society, Inc.
Unmanned Aviation Consultant
Legal Writer

Professional Communication Training Online


Interpersonal Communication Skills Training--

The best tactical communicator I’ve ever known! The best tactical communicator I’ve ever known!

I’ve learned tons of fresh, unique and practically effective ideas anybody can use to improve their communication and more importantly, preserve relationships that matter most to them.

Professional Communication Training Online


Communication Development Classes--

You will learn how to get your point across to ANYONE in crystal clear verbiage!

Dan has helped me so much! Even though I teach sound communication skills myself nobody compares with Dan’s “shut em down with class” style mixed with awesome humor! I love his style, it to the point with no “grey area” You will learn how to get your point across to ANYONE in crystal clear verbiage!

- Darla Nunes

Certified Private Mediation

Professional Communication Training Online
Professional Communication Training Online

Professional Communication Training

Many thanks for your useful, pragmatic communication training toolsets.

Hi Dan,

Just wanted to take a moment to extend my sincere appreciation for your work;

truly an amazing talent you have.

 By conveying such valuable information in a manner that is easily understood and to the point, while solidly holding the viewer / readers attention, the message is readily understood and immediately useful.  I have studied psychology / communication most of my life, starting with “Interview and Interrogation” training which was amazing in and of itself; from there things just kept expanding. The field is so vast. Information you share has been honed from many sources and you have integrated it all into very useful, pragmatic toolsets. It takes insightful effort, talent and lots of “thought time” to combine disparate parts and logically position them into applicable use-cases for all. Well done. Again, I am new to you / your YouTube channel, so forgive me for not realizing your many accomplishments and lifetime investment in the art of communication, including understanding people and helping people “connect the dots” of life.

 The other day I was completely taken aback by a direct response I received to a chat message left on your training site. It was gracious, kind, open and warm; it also made me smile, as I thought I was sending a chat message ‘to the abyss’, yet it seemed you responded to me directly. That just doesn’t happen very often these days, so thank you.

 I will be sharing your work with those in my realm, as it is beneficial to all. The focus of universities these days is on leadership skills. Communication and interaction skills are at the heart of leadership. I hope there is a way your teachings can be incorporated into our mission at our university someday, whether by inviting you to speak at events or in some other way.  

Thank you for all you do Dan….. it is appreciated.

 - S a n d r a  K e l l y

Systems Administrator | Information Technology Service

Your professional communication training changed my life


Online Communication Training--

Your materials have made a huge positive influence in my life.

Hi Dan, 

I am LOVING the 50 lesson training plan. I have been using it and getting great results. 
My boss seems to have extensive mental health issues, but my new skills from your course are keeping me on track.
I had a meeting with my corrections chief after another manager reported my boss's behavior, and I used those skills in that office for a full 90 minutes. I even told the chief I got your program to make sure I was the best communicator I could be in an effort to smooth out the situation with my boss.
The head tilt works, the broken record works, staying upbeat and professional works, removing physical barriers works. I accidentally said "my team" and the chief goes, yours? and I was SO fast to say OURS per your narcissism youtube video.
I am only on lesson 5 or so, and I need to take some real time to integrate the material, but I will be back to ask about the VIP options.
I want you to know how helpful your material is. It has made a big positive difference in my life.
- Charles H.-
State Department of Corrections Officer | Minnesota