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Here, you'll find resources for professional meeting planners working with communication skills expert keynote speaker, Dan O'Connor.

Communication skills expert, keynote speaker, Dan O'Connor has worked with thousands of professional meeting planners, delivering communication skills training and dealing with difficult people presentations, workshops, breakout sessions, seminars, keynote addresses and more all over the world. Below, you'll find some of the most common resources Dan uses before, during, and after his training and keynote events to tailor them specifically to his audience, and help you, the professional meeting planner, shine like a hero to your client.

Hire Dan O'Connor as your dealing with difficult people at work, managing negativity in the workplace, or communication skills training speaker for your next event or convention. Dan has a proven track record of always delivering on his promise to engage, inspire, and thoroughly delight both audience members as well as those who hired him. Dan's unique blend of humor, real-world business savvy, and adult education and training experience make him a powerhouse speaker guaranteed surpass expectations and set new benchmarks for ROI. Dan knows just how to energize and inspire an audience while educating and equipping them at the same time. As a professional meeting planner, you'll be amazed at all the stories you'll hear of people so motivated to use their new skills, they start using new tactics, resulting in life-changing breakthroughs in both personal and professional relationships before the event is even over.

Dan has published extensively in the areas of communication, dealing with difficult people and negativity at work, and customer service. His current resource release-- The 9 Principles-- is inspiring people around the world (as well as professional meeting planners just like you) to forgive and let go, and look at their relationships through an entirely different lens, while his all-time student-favorite, Energy Vampire Slaying: 101 continues to empower people on every level to speak up, stand up for themselves, and stand their ground with professionalism, tact, and finesse. Find out how professional meeting planners can bring Dan's energy, enthusiasm, and expertise to your next event and make it work for your organization.

Take the time to review Dan's popular presentation topics, then contact us about how he can uniquely tailor his presentation to your group's specific needs and situation.

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This questionnaire (PPQ) will enable Dan to tailor his presentation to the specific needs of your group. Please download and answer all questions as completely as possible, but feel free to skip those which would duplicate a previous answer or which might be irrelevant to your group.

You can either complete the PPQ on your computer and return it as an email attachment or print it, complete it manually and fax or mail it back to 877-570-1573.

Please include whatever printed information is available which you feel would help Dan understand your organization’s people, products/services and industry. Dan would rather have too much information than too little. This could include: new employee orientation kit, annual report, newsletters, advertising, product literature & other promotional materials, trade publications, current articles about your industry, and newspaper or magazine articles about your organization.

While the above is important but optional, it is important that you provide copies of the Meeting Agenda as well as any promotional materials related to the meeting.

The purpose of this questionnaire is not to create additional work but to significantly increase the value of your program. Please return this information at your earliest convenience directly to us here or fax it to 877-570-1573.


For more professional meetings planner resources for communication skills expert keynote speaker and trainer, Dan O'Connor, that can help you uniquely tailor his presentations to your specific needs and situation, Fill out Dan's online booking request form or call Jean Schmith at 1-612-504-9024 or click here to email Jean.


Important Note: The introduction is a crucial part of Dan's presentation. Done properly, it establishes credibility and sets a positive, upbeat tone.

Communication and relationship skills expert Dan O'Connor is an international bestselling author and Amazon customer favorite, a silver play-button award-winning YouTube partner and social influencer, and has just been recognized by FeedSpot for having one of the top three communication blogs on the planet.

His first book, "Energy Vampire Slaying: 101" established Dan as a pioneer and leader in the field of tactical communication—i.e. the teaching of tactics--actual words, phrases and scripts rather than simply theory. Dan's methods help people overcome communication challenges, such as a toxic work environment, working or living with difficult people, standing up for yourself, handling bullies and finding your persuasive voice. Dan's subsequent book "Say This--Not That (the original)" and online courses such as "Step Out of the Shadows and Speak" have earned him critical acclaim, and solidified him as the definitive authority and go-to favorite for savvy communicators in crisis.

Dan has been featured in numerous magazines, and as a guest and collaborator on television, radio, podcasts, and YouTube programs all around the globe, helping to change the collective dialogue one conversation at a time.

Today, Dan is here to help us--just as he has helped clients such as Apple, the USDA, Applebee's, MDAnderson, The US Air Force, and thousands more--create an environment where respect, appreciation, and compassion are celebrated, and where mindful professionals create meaningful relationships by speaking positive, loving words.

Please welcome, all the way from Guadalajara, Mexico or Fargo, North Dakota—as the case may be-- 🙂 🙂

Communication Expert, Dan O'Connor!