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Step Out of the Shadows and Speak Online Communication Skills Training Course by Dan O'Connor, the Wizard of Words

Get right to the good stuff when it comes to professional development.

Skip the boring theory and useless fluff of other courses and start using effective words, phrases, tactics, and scripts to become a confident and powerful communicator from day one. You don't need any prior communication training to make these strategies work for you. Discover the secrets to communicating like a pro with Dan O'Connor Training.


This is Not another Communication Skills Course

This is not like any other communication skills course you have ever taken, because it really isn't a course--it's more of a tutorial that teaches you how to use the same tools used by the world's most successful communicators. In this professional communicator's toolkit tutorial, you'll get everything you need to become a polished and powerful communicator that gets noticed and respected in the workplace starting the very first day you use it.

This toolkit tutorial is packed with:

  • Freestyle Scripts
  • Power Phrases
  • Lead-in Lines
  • Closing Lines
  • Navigational Phrases
  • Precise Language Patterns

And more specific tactics that focus on the words, an have been proven to help you tackle any communication situation with ease.


When You Don't Have Time for Communication Skills Courses

You can read our customer testimonials and see the kind of results people are getting from the very first time they used them, and if you don't have time for communication skills courses either because you need results fast, you can easily get the same dramatic as other people are getting just as soon as you start using the program--guaranteed


To Improve Communication Skills Fast, Simply:

  1. Watch/Listen to the tutorial and decide which tools will be the first ones you'll use
  2. Use the videos, audios, flashcards, and other tools to practice what you'll be using, and
  3. Enjoy the look on people's faces 

and the new level of respect you'll get from everyone at work and at home when they see how fast your communication skills improve, once you start using this tutorial.

It really is that easy!

Recent Clients Include:

In this communication skills tutorial, you'll learn how to use:

Tools for Recognizing and Communicating with Different Personality Types

Learn how to use simple tools to:

  • Identify other people's preferred communication style, and then communicate with them in that style
  • Tailor your message to meet the listener's unique needs
  • Understand how to form an inclusive, diverse team
  • Discover what the real problem is when dealing with difficult people at work
  • Deliver laser-focused benefit language designed to persuade and influence

And achieve a deeper personal emotional connection with everyone at work and at home.

In this communication skills tutorial, you'll learn how to use tools for dealing with different personality types
Power Phrases for Navigating Through Difficult Situations

Power Phrases for Navigating Through Difficult Situations

Learn how to use power phrases to deliver difficult messages so you can:

  • Navigate yourself through--and out of--unwanted or unproductive conversations
  • Deliver feedback and criticism with professionalism and tact
  • Enter and exit conversations with power and finesse
  •  Effectively respond to unwanted or rude comments with ease, and
  • Easily focus on behavior or results instead of people or blame.

Scripts for Delivering Bad News & Difficult Messages

Learn how to use free-style scripts to quickly and easily:

  • Deliver bad news
  • Ask for a change in behavior
  • Offer constructive criticism 
  • Decline a request 
  • and more

in a clear, direct, and professional manner. Even with people who don't want to hear your message, or try to throw you off message.

Learn scripts for delivering bad news in this communication skills tutorial
learn persuasive verbal patterns in this communication skills training course

Tactical Verbal Patterns for Persuasion

Learn how to use tactical verbal patterns such as:

  • properly formed benefit statements
  • Solution-focused questions
  • Blacklight questions

and couple them with style-stepping techniques to focus attention and entice your listeners so you can deliver messages that are more compelling, convincing, and persuasive, and have the right words to effectively overcome any objection people might throw at you.

Tactics for Responding to the Unexpected

Every manager will be "tested" by his or her employees. Can you pass the test and remain cool, calm, and collected, and respond in a professional manner even when people try to take you off guard?

Learn how to use:

  • Duct tape tactics
  • Challenge questions
  • Magic phrases and more

to respond to unexpected (and normally unwanted) comments so you can maintain a professional, polished demeanor while always seeming to have just the right words.

communication skills training course image of people surprised

Using Dan's proprietary learning  system, you’ll quickly start enjoying all the recognition and privileges that are awarded to strong, grounded, powerful communicators in just 3 easy steps:

person at desk watching communication skills training tutorial


Watch the Communication Training Videos

 Watch the fast-paced and easy-to understand training tutorial and complete the exercises.

Person listening to a communication skills training tutorial


Use the Communication Course Tools

Reinforce what you learned by using the tools provided, such as listening to the audio review while you jog.

people talking after attending an online communication skills training tutorial


Use Your New Communication Skills

Use your new skills, and enjoy all the privileges awarded exclusively to savvy communicators.


Hear what people are saying about Dan's communication skills tutorials:

Anthony S. Testimonial for Communication Course by Dan O'Connor

Anthony S.

-Customer Service Professional

In just one year I went from a place of hating my call center job to enjoying finding new ways to challenge myself to refine my customer service skills. At the end of my day I no longer feel mentally exhausted.

I’ve started applying these same techniques to my personal conversations as well and I’ve noticed myself having fewer and fewer tense conversations.

Testimonial for communication course from CH for Dan O'Connor, The Wizard of Words

-Aveline B.

"And suddenly I not only feel respected for my communication and relational leadership skills, but in addition, I feel so much less internalized stress and build-up of resentment from holding things in."

Lisa Goldberg testimonial for Communication Skills Course from Dan O'Connor

Richard M.

-Gene Therapy Scientist

. . . But with these communication tools, I am no longer paralyzed by group settings like I have been in the past…A simple, “I’m curious” will allow me to instead stay for dessert! I wish I had these tools 20 years ago, but I'm quickly making up for lost time.

Thank you!

Dan O'Connor, the wizard of words, delivering communication skills tutorial

Expert Communication Course Creator and Author Dan O'Connor

Creating Life-changing Communication Courses for more than 20 Years

For over 20 years, expert communication course creator and bestselling author Dan O’Connor has been transforming workplaces and giving people the words they need to reclaim their joy and take their power back from toxic people both at work and at home through his innovative communication courses and dealing with difficult people training resources.

Dan leverages his vast experience, education, and passion for mindful, loving communication (yes, even when you're shutting down difficult people) to create interactive and engaging courses that teach individuals and teams the communication skills they need to succeed in the 21st-century workplace and beyond.

Author, Influencer, Professor, Keynote Speaker, and Communication Course Creator 

As a professional author, influencer, professor, keynote speaker, and communication course creator, Dan is passionate about helping individuals and teams communicate on a deeper, more meaningful level.

But meaning isn't everything. Sometimes we may not WANT to communicate on a deeper level with someone, Right? Well, if that's the case, he also teaches you how to shut down toxic coworkers, narcissistic bosses, and rude employees so you can take back your power, reclaim your joy at home, and enjoy peace and prosperity in the workplace and beyond.

 Recognized around the world as a thought leader in the field of tactical communication training and pioneer in communication course creation, Dan is truly teaching the world how to say whatever they have to say in a loving way while elevating the global dialogue one conversation at a time.

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