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Author of “Unlock Your Brain Code” 

"Wow, wow, wow! I can’t thank you enough. Ever since i started, I’ve noticed a big change in the way i express myself & the way i relate to others.

Your words and the energies that stand behind them are liberating. "



Unlock Your Confidence

Learn techniques to assert yourself with poise and confidence.

Handle Toxic Environments

Gain insights into navigating and transforming toxic workplace dynamics.

Communicate with Impact

Master the art of persuasive and respectful communication.

Build Resilience

Develop strategies to maintain your integrity and well-being in challenging situations.

Learn How To:

  • Shut Down Interrupters: Gain the skills to stop being overshadowed and interrupted.
  • End Manipulation: Learn how to end cycles of manipulation and disrespect.
  • Master Assertive Communication: Master techniques to assert your views and demands respect.
  • Accelerate Professional Growth: Elevate your professional image and command respect from peers and superiors.
Professional Women Ready to Embark on a Journey of Growth and Empowerment
Diverse Professional Women Gaining Skills in Assertiveness and Communication

Course Features:

  • Engaging Video Lessons: Learn through dynamic, interactive video content.
  • Convenient Audio Formats: Listen to lessons on-the-go, wherever you are.
  • Comprehensive Printable Materials: Enhance your learning with detailed, easy-to-follow printouts.
  • Practical Flashcards: Quick-reference tools to reinforce learning.

Transformations You'll Experience:

  • Enhanced Self-Image: Develop pride and confidence in your professional demeanor.
  • Increased Respect: Become a respected member of your work environment.
  • Professional Reputation: Cultivate a reputation as a balanced, assertive professional.
Strong Professional Women Learning How to Stand up for themselves at work
A confident individual with firm posture and direct eye contact, surrounded by visual learning aids including flashcards and phrases, symbolizing assertive communication techniques and learning tools.

Lesson 1:

The Art of Assertiveness


Overview: Master the art of assertiveness with key strategies in body language, communication tactics, and psychological tools. Learn to stand your ground effectively, using tools like flashcards, Danger/Power Phrase Lists, and targeted worksheets. Explore eye contact techniques, posture adjustments, and the strategic use of body language to command respect and convey confidence.

A professional woman confidently speaking to a colleague, illustrated with speech bubbles of key phrases and a backdrop of strategic communication steps, emphasizing effective workplace interaction.

Lesson 2:

Tactical Communication


Overview: Dive into advanced communication tactics focusing on boundary and bottom-line statements.

This lesson covers a spectrum of strategies from saying 'no' with conviction to calling out behavior effectively.

You'll learn the art of staying on message, responding to judgmental comments, and crafting apologies with sincerity and impact.

A confident individual with firm posture and direct eye contact, surrounded by visual learning aids including flashcards and phrases, symbolizing assertive communication techniques and learning tools.

Lesson 3:

Mastering Tactical Questions


Overview: Turn the tables in conversations by mastering tactical questions.

Understand the mechanics behind different question types and learn to use body language as a powerful adjunct to your verbal skills.

This lesson equips you to end manipulative cycles and take control of conversations effectively.

A confident individual with firm posture and direct eye contact, surrounded by visual learning aids including flashcards and phrases, symbolizing assertive communication techniques and learning tools.

Lesson 4:

Scripting for Impact


Overview: Harness the power of scripting to deliver difficult messages with clarity and focus.

This lesson guides you through crafting your messages with precision, using techniques like the A-E-I-O-U script and lead-in lines, turning your thoughts into powerful, clear communications.

A workplace scene with one individual positively influencing others, representing the transition from ego-driven conflicts to collaborative alliances.

Lesson 5:

Ego-Crushing and Alliance Building


Overview: Learn to navigate workplace dynamics, crush egos tactfully, and build alliances.

This lesson delves into the psychological aspects of workplace relationships, teaching you how to transform antagonistic interactions into opportunities for alliance building and personal growth.

A dynamic illustration of a professional woman, surrounded by speech bubbles with strategic phrases, symbolizing her expertise in response development.

Lesson 6:

Strategic Response Development


Overview: Develop strategic responses for various communication challenges.

This lesson provides you with free-style scripts and tactics to enhance your communicative agility, building your confidence to tackle any situation with poise and effectiveness.

A vivid representation of the enneagram with human figures at each point, each symbolizing a unique personality trait, illustrating the diversity of human characters.

Lesson 7:

Enneagram Essentials


Overview: Unlock the secrets of the enneagram to deepen your understanding of people's core desires and fears.

This insightful lesson offers a transformative tool for strengthening your messages and relationships, providing a deeper comprehension of human motivations.

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