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Tired of feeling invisible, insignificant, irrelevant, or dismissed as if what you have to say doesn't matter?

I'm Dan O'Connor--the Wizard of Words. 

And I've got just what you need.

A Communication Skills Course That Skips the Theory


My best-selling Step Out of the Shadows and Speak! communication skills training course skips past the boring (and frankly, useless) theory that makes up most communication courses, and instead cuts right to what you need to start standing up for yourself and what you think is right. 


Learn How to Get Noticed for all the Right Reasons and Shut Down Anyone Who Tries to Stand In Your Way


What would happen if the next time you're ganged up on at work, or someone takes you off guard with unfair criticism, you were ready with the precise words to shut them down and make them think twice about targeting you again? Well, you're about to find out, because you're going to learn how to deal with toxic people and turn the tables on them by using their attacks as opportunities to demonstrate how to respond like a boss. 


Take Back Your Power and Reclaim Your Joy


Can you clearly articulate who you are, why you're here, and what you want? If not, you have no chance of feeling fulfilled or satisfied either at work or at home. This course will act as a blueprint you'll use to clarify what you're doing here so you can in-turn clearly articulate that to others, which will be step number one in taking back your power and reclaiming your joy.

It consists of:

  • 50 lessons, each containing:
    • 1 Video (approximately 45 minutes)
    • 1 Audio review of the lesson, and
    • 1 PDF with worksheets, visual aids, flashcards, and other materials to help you make the information your own and be ready to use it when you need it.


Each lesson is broken down into 4 modules, each module focusing on a different area of communication. This helps you find and focus in on exactly what you need right now--whatever you believe will have the greatest impact on your life, instead of someone else telling you what you should be learning, and in what order.

 Here are some examples of the skills you'll develop:

Click any of the headings below to discover what you'll learn:

Recent Clients Include:

Melanie Thompson Testimonial for Communication Course by Dan O'Connor

I was able to use the tools I learned in this course the very next day!

"I took Dan’s training, and the very next day I was able to use the communication skills I learned in this course in a very difficult meeting. I was able to negotiate a solution that worked for the entire team. I can’t speak highly enough of Dan’s training."


Louisiana State University

Lisa Goldberg testimonial for Communication Skills Course from Dan O'Connor

This communication course gives real practical advice!

"Dan's communication course gives real, practical advice on workplace dynamics, and how to deal with challenging personalities.

Dan’s advice comes in small, digestible chunks, which allows us to experiment with changing one behavior at a time.

I highly recommend Dan’s program."



Testimonial for communication course from CH for Dan O'Connor, The Wizard of Words

The skills in Dan's communication course work  like an invisible shield!

"When I began to master some of these skills in Dan's communication course, it was like an invisible shield began to form around me allowing me to cut through the BS, and the backstabbing, negative, cowardly A-holes not only stepped aside but followed my lead without my even asking them to."

- C.H. -

Independent Laboratory Tech

Expert Communication Course Creator and Author Dan O'Connor

Creating Life-changing Communication Courses for more than 20 Years

For over 20 years, expert communication course creator and bestselling author Dan O’Connor has been transforming workplaces and giving people the words they need to reclaim their joy and take their power back from toxic people both at work and at home through his innovative communication courses and dealing with difficult people training resources.

Dan leverages his vast experience, education, and passion for mindful, loving communication (yes, even when you're shutting down difficult people) to create interactive and engaging courses that teach individuals and teams the communication skills they need to succeed in the 21st-century workplace and beyond.

Author, Influencer, Professor, Keynote Speaker, and Communication Course Creator 

As a professional author, influencer, professor, keynote speaker, and communication course creator, Dan is passionate about helping individuals and teams communicate on a deeper, more meaningful level.

But meaning isn't everything. Sometimes we may not WANT to communicate on a deeper level with someone, Right? Well, if that's the case, he also teaches you how to shut down toxic coworkers, narcissistic bosses, and rude employees so you can take back your power, reclaim your joy at home, and enjoy peace and prosperity in the workplace and beyond.

 Recognized around the world as a thought leader in the field of tactical communication training and pioneer in communication course creation, Dan is truly teaching the world how to say whatever they have to say in a loving way while elevating the global dialogue one conversation at a time.


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Step Out of the Shadows and Speak Online Communication Skills Training Course by Dan O'Connor, the Wizard of Words

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And to make sure there's no risk to you--I've given you the best iron-clad 100% money-back guarantee in the business.

You have a whole month to use the program and enjoy all the benefits. If you don't get the results I've described here, just let us know any time within 30 days from purchase, and we'll refund every penny, no questions asked.

This offer will vanish with no notice at any time, or once the new course is released.