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Dan is THE ONLY COMMUNICATION EXPERT WHO Gives you the PRECISE WORDS and SPECIFIC POWER PHRASES you need to handle the difficult people and toxic situations you face daily at work and home.  

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Need to develop specific communication skills to help you deal with toxic people at work?

Download my bestselling Amazon customer favorite communication skills book, Energy Vampire Slaying: 101 in EPUB format , and quickly develop the professional communication skills you need to deal with difficult people both at work and at home.

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Skip all the useless fluff and boring theory you'll find in the standard "professional development communication courses," and instead, discover Dan O'Connor's communication skills tools, tactics, and WORDS that you can use to immediately be heard and respected in the workplace and in your personal life--the very first time you use them.


Need to develop specific communication skills to help you deal with toxic people at work?

Download my bestselling Amazon customer favorite communication skills book, Energy Vampire Slaying: 101 in EPUB format , and quickly develop the professional communication skills you need to deal with difficult people both at work and at home.

Your email is 100% safe.

Dan Gives You THE WORDS

Dan's effective communication training will give you the specific words to shut down passive-aggressive coworkers, to free yourself from workplace negativity and negative chatter and take charge of every relationship — and conversation — in your life.

Imagine how your life would change 

if YOU were in charge,

if YOU stood out,

if YOU were taken seriously.


You’ll get proven phrases to respond to rude, insulting people in a way that stops the toxic behavior without stooping to their level. 



You’ll get the blueprint for talking to yourself–the right way–using the right syntax, so you can remain calm in emotionally-charged situations.


You'll get proven scripts that make delivering difficult messages a breeze, so instead of dreading crucial conversations, you can face them head-on with confidence and clarity.


You'll get visual tools for your arsenal, proven to turbo-charge your learning so you can make these tactics and strategies your own at lightning speed.


Professional Communication Skills Training Courses Specifically Designed for the Mindful Communicator who's sick of being mistaken for a weak one

If you're tired of feeling pushed around, disrespected, invisible, or powerless, our online professional communication skills training and personal development courses will give you the words to immediately:

  • Hold your own when up against other savvy, powerful communicators
  • Get Recognized as intelligent and competent
  • Start taking control of every relationship in your life
  • Boost your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Command more respect,
  • Shut down rude, toxic, or insulting people
  • Stand up to office bullies and manipulating friends, and
  • Stand your ground until you get what you want



Resources for all your communication and relationship challenges


If you have a problem regarding communication or relationships and need help, let me know. I'll be answering questions on YouTube every week and will keep your identity confidential.

If you're dealing with difficult people like a narcissistic boss, rude coworkers, an insulting spouse or a backstabbing frenemy, let me know.

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communication skills course by Dan O'Connor, the wizard of words and world  leader in tactical communication


Professional Communication Skills

Melanie Thompson
Louisiana State University

I took Dan's training, and the very next day I was able to use his communication tools in a very difficult meeting. I was able to negotiate a solution that worked for the entire team. I can't speak highly enough of Dan's training.

Professional Communication Skills

Yesenia Gonzalez

I had a problem communicating for a while...when someone who is not my boss asked me what I was working on recently, I did exactly what you said, and he did just what you said he would do. Wow! 15 years+ and now I got it. Thank you so much I felt so empowered. I regained my authority thanks to you!

Professional Communication Skills

Terrah Cooper Pena
Dr. Donna A. Dulo

I have improved my communications exponentially and continue to excel as I review your material and apply the lessons to real world situations. It's the best professional development product I have ever used, an exceptional value as well!

Lisa R. P. Goldberg

Dan gives real, practical advice on work place dynamics, and how to deal with challenging personalities. While we can't change the personalities of our colleagues, we can change how we allow them to treat us, and how we act or react to their behavior. Dan's advice comes in small, digestible chunks, which allows us to experiment with changing one behavior at a time. I highly recommend Dan's program for individuals. What would be ideal is if Dan actually went to corporations and changed the culture from the inside. The whole country could benefit from his teachings!


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Professional Communication Skills Training Courses & Resources

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