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How to Deliver Difficult MessagesWith Clarity And Focus


Instead of finding the same thing you'll find in nearly every other communication course, in Dan's communication training you'll discover :

  • Power Phrases
  • Danger Phrases
  • Lead-in Lines
  • Closing Lines
  • Scripts
  • Exit Lines
  • Verbal patterns,

and other specific, step-by-step strategies that will have an enormous impact on the results you get when communicating--both at work and at home--the very first time you use them.

“I wish I had known about your videos two years ago when I worked with a bully. No one did anything to oppose her, not even management who admitted she had issues. She was so abusive that I ended up leaving the company and that witch got promoted. I love your videos and at the same time dread them because they trigger so much of my unresolved anger at being completely inept at defending myself against people like her. At least from now on, I’ll be able to. Thanks so much for all your advice and wisdom. So please excuse me while I take some calming breaths into a paper bag.” –MsBettyR.

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How to Deliver Difficult Messages with Clarity and Focus

Stop avoiding difficult conversations and start mastering them instead using proven tools and tactics that produce a difference in the results you get when communicating--both at work and at home--starting after the very first lesson.

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When you start today, you’ll get everything you need to make that next difficult conversation seem like a breeze.

You get: 

All the Danger Phrases and Power Phrases

 And immediately start seeing an improvement in the results you get when communicating.

All the Free-style scripting templates.

 So you can start taking the thoughts in your head, and making them into just the right words, just when you need them.

All All of Dan's PERSONAL FlashCards

So you can make these communication skills tactics part of your verbal repertoire and start taking charge of every relationship

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