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Assertive Communication Skills for the Mindful Professional


You'll get all the benefits of Dan's revolutionary tactical communication learning system,

but all the focus stays on effective communication skills for the workplace.

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Would you absolutely love where you work--if it weren't for the people you worked with?

  • Are the people at work stressing you out?
  • Do people at work say or do outrageous things, but you're not sure of the right way to respond??
  • Have negative, toxic people ever pushed you so far that you considered quitting your job?

How would your life change if when you came to work, you knew you could:

  • Keep your cool and not let unprofessional people or behavior distract you?
  • Deal with inappropriate or offensive remarks with power, tact, and professionalism?
  • Stop gossips, backstabbers, and other passive-aggressive communicators from ruining your day or your mood?

Would you like to quickly:

  • Address and overcome conflict in the workplace?
  • Deal with difficult people and eliminate negativity at work?
  • Keep calm and communicate with tact and finesse when you're under pressure?

What's included?

In this exciting new program, you'll learn all the basics of modern professional communication broken down into quick, powerful, easy-to-digest lessons, and you'll master these skills faster than you ever thought possible using the audio, video, and hands-on tools you'll find in the resource section of the course.

The three main areas we’ll be covering in this program are the following:

Professional Communication: Etiquette and Protocol

  • Differentiating Between Appropriate and Inappropriate Workplace Communication
  • What is unacceptable behavior?
  • How to “Turn On” Our Professional Communication Skills
  • Using Different Mediums to Our Advantage
  • Personal Vs. Professional Responsibility

The Busy Professional’s Basic Communication Toolkit

  • Feedback & Criticism: The Do’s and Don’ts of Delivering It
  • How to “Respond Well to Criticism”
  • Using Freestyle Scripts to Communicate with Clarity and Precision 

Unwanted/Undesirable Behavior

  • Addressing Offensive Communication or Behavior
  • What Makes an Assertive Communicator?
  • What To Say
  • Dealing With Complaints 
  • Talking About Issues Vs. Gossiping About Coworkers

Regular Price: $897

This program is now exclusively available to our VIP All-Access Pass Holders.

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