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Learn how to speak like a senior executive and improve communication skills in the workplace fast with Youtube's favorite communication coach.


Secrets of Professional Communication Skills Mastery

Communication Skills Course To Improve Professional Communication Skills in The Workplace Fast!



Get more respect in the workplace starting the very next day using this tactical communication skills toolkit and tutorial taught by the world's top tactical communication coach, Dan O'Connor.

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Skip all the useless fluff and boring theory you'll find in "online professional development courses," and instead use these words, phrases, tactics, and scripts that help you sound like a savvy, powerful, professional communicator the very first time you use them!

And the best part? These all work even if this is the first time you've ever invested in your communication skills training!

This  Toolkit and Tutorial Has Been Specifically Developed for:

  • Employees Transitioning into a Supervisory Role
  • First-line Supervisors
  • New Supervisors
  • HR Professionals
  • Tech Support Professionals


  • Managers
  • Informal Leaders
  • High-potentials
  • Future Leaders
  • Customer Service Professionals


  • Managers Needing to Update their Skillsets
  • Team Leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Bench Strength Team Members


"Secrets of Professional Communication Skills Mastery" IS NOT A "COMMUNICATION SKILLS TRAINING COURSE"


  • It's not a 28-hour training course filled with useless theory, time-wasting exercises, and sleep apnea-inducing videos and PowerPoint presentations, but lacking in actionable tactics.


  • It's not a little-known-but-accidentally-revealed-and you-already-knew-it-anyway webinar.


  • It's not a recycled and heard-it-all-before course taught by a seminar speaker who is a jack-of-all-trades but master-of-none.



filled with specific professional communication:


  • Tutorials

  • Scripts

  • Action plans

  • Templates 


proven to help you deliver any message or respond to any situation in a way that will get you noticed and respected as a savvy, polished, powerful communicator that today's senior executives would be thrilled to have as the face of their organization. 


    •  What if improving your communication skills at work were as easy as filling out the words in a Mad-Lib (Remember those?)? 


  • That's just what using this system is like.



Once you learn how to use these tools, dealing with:


-Challenging communication situations

-Difficult employees

-Narcissistic bosses

-Demanding customers


will be as simple and effortless as filling in one of those Madlibs, with the big difference being everyone will notice and respect you more.


Check out some of the recent results our customers have been getting and how it's changed the way they feel about work:

People treating you like you're their employee when you're not?

If people treat you as less than, it's because they see you as less than. Why don't they see you on their level?

Your communication skills

-Aveline B.

"And suddenly I not only feel respected for my communication and relational leadership skills, but in addition, I feel so much less internalized stress and build-up of resentment from holding things in."

Spending your break time with commodes 

instead of colleagues?

If you avoid people because it's too humiliating not being able to hold your own in conversations, instead of feigning IBS, we recommend investing in:

Your communication skills

Richard M.

-Gene Therapy Scientist

. . . But with these communication tools, I am no longer paralyzed by group settings like I have been in the past…A simple, “I’m curious” will allow me to instead stay for dessert! I wish I had these tools 20 years ago, but I'm quickly making up for lost time.

Thank you!

Fighting more with the people at home because you're so stressed?

If it's gotten so bad that dealing with difficult colleagues in the workplace has now started to affect your relationships at home, there's one simple thing you can invest in that will improve both environments simultaneously:

Your communication skills

Anthony S.

-Customer Service Professional

In just one year I went from a place of hating my call center job to enjoying finding new ways to challenge myself to refine my customer service skills. At the end of my day I no longer feel mentally exhausted.


I’ve started applying these same techniques to my personal conversations as well and I’ve noticed myself having fewer and fewer tense conversations.


Tired of Suffering Through Communication Courses You Get Nothing Out Of?

Dan O'Connor training sets itself apart from all other training courses by focusing on applicable, dynamite tactics having to do with just one thing:

Your communication skills

Candace Berg

-Providence, RI

Your advice/skills are changing my LIFE.  Chronic illness has crippled my already pathetic self-esteem...(lol)  

I have been implementing your strategies, and have seen IMMEDIATE results.  

Thank you.

Getting passed over for the promotions or jobs you want?

The number-one reason hiring managers give for why you do or don't get the promotion or job you want:

Your communication skills

Anthony S.

-Software Engineer

I wanted to let you know how euphoric I feel . . . you helped me almost instantaneously resolve many difficult situations from working in project groups to difficult bosses and colleagues.


The best part? I just got a promotion, and now those difficult bosses are my coworkers & not so difficult anymore.

You're a value bomb that radiates all across the globe!


Thank you so much!


Been told to work on your listening skills but not really sure what that means?

If your boss or coworkers have told you to work on things like your listening skills, what that really means is that you should invest in:

Your communication skills

Tamara K.

Navigating a major life transition, my life is in a force restart mode.


You are teaching me to set clear boundaries  . . . all my relationships of the past and present transform, leaving me with a compassion for both myself and the others who harmed me


Just like that you have set me on the path of healing, reconciliation with my mother and my husband by learning how to REALLY listen to them . . . Such a huge relief and also such a different life focus!!

The above results from recent customers demonstrate the power of these tools.


As you can see, using the scripts, power phrases, verbal patterns, and other tools in this program, these customers got results  from the very first time they used them, and you can just as easily get the same dramatic results and enjoy deeper, more meaningful relationships based on a whole new level of respect and admiration.


All you have to do is:


1) Watch/Listen to the tutorial and decide which tools will be the first ones you'll use.


2) Use the videos, audios, flashcards, and other tools to practice what you'll be using, and


3) Enjoy the look on people's faces and the new level of respect you'll get from everyone at work and at home when you start using your new communication tools.

It's that easy!

If you want to know what it feels like to:


  • Take charge of every one of your relationships

  • Have your peers, coworkers, and bosses look at you with admiration in their eyes

  • Be spoken to with respect; even by people who used to treat you as if you were insignificant or worse--invisible.


All you have to do is follow these three simple steps, and use the tools you'll get in this program.


AND REMEMBER: It doesn't matter if you're:

  • An introvert

  • On the spectrum

  • Not a people-person

  • Short-fused

  • Socially awkward, or

  • Totally new at this.

Inside this toolkit is everything you need to start seeing immediate results in the way people see you, think about you, and respond to you NOW.  Remember,  those three things (the way people see, think about, and respond to you) have nothing to do with your past; they have everything to do with how you talk to people NOW.


So what are the secrets to being seen as a

powerful, professional communicator starting now?

One thing every professional communicator needs to have mastered is delivering bad news or difficult messages, right? 


I mean, if you expect to be hired or promoted into a position of authority, you must be seen as a person that can:

  • Deliver bad news

  • Ask for a change in behavior

  • Offer constructive criticism

  • Decline a request 

and more . . .right?


So, are you known for being able to do those things like a professional, without being seen as negative, opinionated, or rude?


Delivering messages like that really shouldn't be difficult; all you need (and all those "savvy communicators" use) are a couple of good scripts. That's why in this toolkit you'll get:


Scripts for Delivering Bad News and Difficult Messages

Learn how to use free-style scripts to quickly and easily:

  • Deliver bad news
  • Ask for a change in behavior
  • Offer constructive criticism 
  • Decline a request 
  • and more

in a clear, direct, and professional manner. Even with people who don't want to hear your message, or try to throw you off message.


Now, you might be thinking, "But if I use these scripts with someone else who has been through your training, won't they KNOW I'm just using a script?"

The short answer is no.

Thanks to the unique freestyle formula used in creating these scripts, there is virtually no way anyone would ever know even if they use the very same tools.

And even if they did...why would that be a bad thing? I mean, If you saw someone dancing and thought, "Wow! They're a fantastic dancer...hey wait a minute! I recognize that shuffle-ball-change! They took the same Arthur Murray class I took!"

Would that be a bad thing? Of course not. 

But it's not going to happen. You're more likely to win the lottery or be hit by lightning than have someone recognize the professional communication skills training tools you're using.


So you might be saying to yourself:

But you don't understand the people I work with!

And that may be true, but whether or not I understand makes no difference. 

The real question is, do YOU understand the people you work with?

Here's what I mean . . .

We all find ourselves at one time or another thinking, "Ugh...I just can't understand what their problem is! Why would anyone behave like that?" And we try to think of the reasons someone acts the way they are acting in hopes of trying to get through to them, right?

But the problem is that if you don't think the way they do, you can't just snap your fingers and suddenly get in their head so you can overcome the challenge you're having with them. 

Furthermore, I'm assuming you have a life, and might not have the time to get a degree in psychology so you can understand all about how to identify and manage diverse working styles, right?

But you need to have a tool--a reference manual to use when you find that the challenge you're trying to overcome with someone is a personality conflict.

That's where a good working style/social style tool comes in, and that's why in this toolkit you'll get:




Tools for Recognizing and Communicating with Different Personality Types

Learn how to use simple tools to:

  • Identify other people's preferred communication style, and then communicate with them in that style
  • Tailor your message to meet the listener's unique needs
  • Understand how to form an inclusive, diverse team
  • Discover what the real problem is when dealing with difficult people at work
  • Deliver laser-focused benefit language designed to persuade and influence

And achieve a deeper personal emotional connection with everyone at work and at home.


Of course, you might be thinking:


But we can't all be put into a box. I mean, I'm more than one type. So how can I put someone else in a box? 


The answer is you're right. We can't be put in a box, and we are all a mix of the different types, but having said that, we all have a dominant type, and once you learn to interpret the signs--or have a good go-to system when you need to reference it--it's as if you have psychic powers, and you can speak to people in their own language, and craft your messages in a way that appeals more to them once you know their motivation for behaving the way they do. 

So, once you've figured that out, like all savvy communicators, you're going to have to become more of an influence on people, and start persuading others to go along with your way of thinking, right?

So, one thing I often hear is:



Well, maybe they don't. But if they don't, it's because you just aren't using the right verbal patterns proven to persuade others and overcome their objections. That's an easy fix. 

Remember, I'm not just a communication skills coach or professional communication skills expert. I mean, I am, but more than that, I'm a tactical communication skills expert. That means I study the words and phrases that have been proven to be more likely to overcome objections than other words or phrases or stimulate the right hemisphere of the brain so people are more likely to make the decision you'd like them to make, and I've learned that when it comes to persuasion more than anything else, it's all about word choice. That's all--simple. So that's my job. I collect those, then pass them on to you.

And that's why in your toolkit you'll get:


Tactical Verbal Patterns for Persuasion

Learn how to use tactical verbal patterns such as:

  • properly formed benefit statements
  • Solution-focused questions
  • Blacklight questions

and couple them with style-stepping techniques to focus attention and entice your listeners so you can deliver messages that are more compelling, convincing, and persuasive, and have the right words to effectively

overcome any objection

people might throw at you.


And I can understand it when people say to me,  

But I don't want to sound like a pushy salesperson all the time! Isn't that what you're saying I do?


That would be horrible. Of course I'm not suggesting that.

What I am suggesting is that I believe if you have ideas that will benefit other people and those people are not receptive to those ideas, you're both missing out. I'm also assuming that you're coming from the right place, and are genuinely looking to help people and make a positive contribution to the world. I also know that most people are programmed to say no to any new idea, and we are all basically selling our ideas, our thoughts, and ourselves to the world all the time. Therefore, to really be able to help people, you need to first be able to persuade them.  

That said, if you haven't studied the art of persuasion and influence, I'll tell you the gist of it: learn the right words to say.

That's what I give you.

It's really that simple.

But I understand that you might be thinking:


Look, I just want something easy; some 1-2-3 punches for when things get difficult. Can't you just give me some of those?

And the answer is, but of course I can!

Which is why you'll be getting a whole bunch of:


Power Phrases for Navigating Through Difficult Situations

Learn how to use power phrases to deliver difficult messages so you can:

  • Navigate yourself through--and out of--unwanted or unproductive conversations
  • Deliver feedback and criticism with professionalism and tact
  • Enter and exit conversations with power and finesse
  •  Effectively respond to unwanted or rude comments with ease, and
  • Easily focus on behavior or results instead of people or blame.

Now, if this is seeming like a lot, or getting overwhelming, Don't worry--

Remember, this is not a class, where you're supposed to remember everything, and if you don't, well too bad!

This is a toolkit, and during our live tutorial together I'll show you how to use these tools. You will have everything you need. I recommend you take them one at a time, starting with the ones you want to master first. Once you've mastered those, then move along to the next tools you want to master, then move along to others until you have them all mastered. 

Also, remember that included in this toolkit is a 30-minute personal coaching session with me that you can use at any time. So if you do get stuck, just schedule the call and I help you get un-stuck.

Insider tip: If you know you're the type to want more one-on-one coaching than anything else, the best time to get that is when you purchase this kit; you'll see an option to purchase additional sessions at a deep discount that won't be available later. So make sure to check that out when you're checking out. 

But we can't always plan ahead, right? Of course not. Especially not with difficult people.

I mean,






One of the most important traits of a savvy, professional communicator is that they're unstoppable. This doesn't mean you can simply react to anything. It means you have the right words to respond to anything with dignity, tact, and finesse, even when what you're responding to is totally outrageous and unexpected.

which is why as a special bonus I've included:


Tactics for Responding to the Unexpected

Every manager will be "tested" by his or her employees. Can you pass the test and remain cool, calm, and collected, and respond in a professional manner no matter what is thrown at you?

Learn how to use:

  • Duct tape tactics
  • Challenge questions
  • Magic phrases and more

to respond to unexpected (and normally unwanted) comments so you can maintain a professional, polished demeanor while always seeming to have just the right words.


And with that, you should have everything you need to get immediate, dramatic results the very next time you have to go into work or communicate with someone in the workplace (because yes, all these strategies work perfectly if you're in-person, on the phone, writing an email, or in a Zoom room.).

Using Dan's proprietary



system, you’ll quickly start enjoying all the recognition and privileges that are awarded to strong, grounded, powerful communicators in just 3 easy steps:

watch communication skills training tutorial online


Watch the training tutorial and complete the exercises.

easy verbal yoga system by Dan O'Connor


Reinforce what you learned by using the tools provided, such as listening to the audio review while you jog.

easy verbal yoga system by Dan O'Connor


Use your new skills and enjoy all the respect, recognition, and privilege awarded to those considered to be savvy, powerful, professional communicators.

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