3 Magic Navigational Phrases--to keep the conversation on track and make your point  

In this video, communication coach Dan O'Connor gives you three magic navigational phrases that will immediately boost your  communication skills confidence.

When things are going off-track, and you need to steer them back to your point--use these MAGIC navigational phrases:

That may be, but . . . .

I understand, however . . . .

I see your point and . . . .

These three magic navigational phrases, coupled with the "broken record" will send a strong signal to the people with whom you are communicating, that you are a clear, polished, savvy communicator.  And you WILL stay on point with your message, and your message WILL be heard.

Whether we're engaging in public or private or business conversations, we will sometimes be sidetracked by people who feel it is their job to interrupt or make a point while we are speaking.  In these moments, we need to be clear effective communicators.  That means being prepared with phrases that will bring the conversation around to where we need it to be--to make certain our point is made.  Dan gives you these phrases, along with examples.

And to add to your effective communication skills arsenal, Dan gives you the "broken record" to use, just in case you are making a request or a statement that is being ignored.  This broken record technique can be especially effective if you are saying "no" to someone and that "no" is not being heard.  The broken record is a great tool for making your "no" resonate with the listener!

And as a final bonus to those bothered by the long-winded family member who tends to dominate holiday gatherings--use these phrases to interrupt and change the topic to something that will keep you awake!

Whether you want to bring your conversation back to your key points, or whether you want to politely interrupted some long-winded person who will not stop talking, or whether you want to couple these phrases with the broken record to make sure your position is crystal clear--these phrases will work for you!


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