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How to Deal with Workplace Bullying

How to Deal with Workplace Bullying

How to Deal with Workplace Bullying

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https://youtu.be/D2fduv6HHgY?si=enKeoW5oaYN_UFmB Here are the five steps to that will eliminate the possibility of workplace bulling for you:

1. First, learn to see cause and effect to identify and eliminate the real problem so you can stop bullying for good.

2. Second, escape the phajaan and regain your power from toxic bullies.

3. Third, build an impressive resume to create more options for yourself and establish your financial independence at work.

4. Fourth, consistently follow the rules to maintain an impeccable reputation and workplace relationships that are beyond reproach.

5. And fifth, establish a freedom fund so you won't compromise your dignity and principles for a paycheck.