Communication expert Dan O'Connor reveals 3 secrets for responding to rude coworkers

3 Secrets for Dealing with Rude Comments from Coworkers + Video

How to Deal with Rude Comments from Coworkers

In this free online communication training video, communication coach Dan O'Connor will teach you 3 Secrets for Dealing with Rude Comments from Coworkers. 

So you're at work, maybe in a meeting with your boss and fellow co-workers, and suddenly, with no warning, one of the office energy vampires hurls an insulting comment at you. Maybe it's racist, maybe it's sexist, or ageist.

What do you do? What do you say?

Learn to use strategies such as navigational phrases, unidirectional body language signals, and the A-C-B free-style script to help you deal with these difficult people once and for all.

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