Body Language Secrets, Dealing with Difficult People and MORE

Body Language Secrets, Dealing with Difficult People and MORE Effective Communication Skills Training


Body Language Secrets--free online communication training

Dan deals with several body language secrets, such as "the neck scratch."  To begin with, it's necessary to remember that analyzing body language requires common sense and context.  For example, Dan will talk to you about what "the neck scratch" generally means when someone is relating a story, discussing feelings, or answering a question--or all of the above.  However, if it is mosquito season and someone is literally scratching an itchy mosquito bite--"the neck scratch" secret does not apply.  What does it means when someone scratches his/her neck when talking to you?  Communication coach Dan O'Connor will tell you in this communication skills training video.

A second body language secret--"the steeple."  When you want to exude quiet confidence, e.g. during an interview or presentation, there is a certain posture you should adopt--always.  And when you add "the steeple" to that posture, you project an image of a confident, knowledgable communicator.  Want to learn more about "the steeple"?  You know what to do!  Listen to what communication skills coach Dan O'Connor's explanation.

Dealing With Difficult People

Dan talks about dealing with out of control people and avoiding the common danger phrase_______________, and replacing it with ___________________.  And what about talking to the person who is trying to tell you something you're not going to want to hear--and you're being told:  "I don't want to talk about this because you'll just get mad!"  What does the savvy communicator say?  How about "I promise I won't get mad if you'll just tell me!"  NO!  You can't make that promise; you don't even know what is about to be said.  But there IS something you can say that will open the lines of communication so that the speaker will be comfortable sharing the information with you.  At that moment, you'd say______________.  Once again, if you want Dan to give you the words--just watch the video.  You'll be glad you did.  BTW, in this video you'll learn many danger phrases to eliminate-- and power phrases to add-- to your verbal repertoire!  So dive right in!


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