Online communication training:  How to pivot away from unwanted questions

Communication Secret Revealed: How to PIVOT away from unwanted questions



Communication Secret about to be revealed:  You're being asked unwanted or inappropriate questions--so what do you do?

Communication Secret about to be revealed:  You want to appear to address the question, yet communicate your own agenda--so what do you do?

Look no further than the daily press conferences held at The White House in the United States, and you will see the master of the 2-step diversion tactic.  This woman is SO MASTERFUL that I've renamed my own tactic (the 2-step diversion) The Sarah Huckabee Sanders Shuffle.  It's a great dance, and Sarah does it without skipping a beat.

I am not political, and neither is this video, as you'll see if you watch it from stem to stern.  Sarah was not chosen because she belongs to one party or another.  Sarah was not chosen because she does or does not support Donald Trump.  Sarah was chosen because beyond all humans on planet earth, she illustrates how to appear to be answering a question while NOT answering it, but rather putting forth her own agenda for the day.  Kellyanne Conway was runner-up for this award, but ultimately, I gave the win to Sarah.

And as for agendas, Dan reminds us in this video how important it is to have one of our own, because if we don't--someone will dictate our agenda to us.

If you want to learn how to Step Out of the Shadows and Speak, this video is for you!  If you want to sharpen your effective communication skills, this video is for you!  If you want a good laugh while you learn, this video is for you!

WARNING:This video is deadly serious, so please try not to laugh as you watch it.  IT DEALS WITH SERIOUS BUSINESS.  If you feel the need to laugh, please leave the room so as not to disturb others.


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