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Most people have felt the sting of betrayal

Betrayal comes in many forms--a spouse that cheats--a friend that gossips maliciously--a relative that repeats confidences or spreads half-truths, a co-worker who goes out of his way to put you down.  Any of these things cut deeply and affect our faith in people.  The wife whose husband cheats wonders if she can ever trust and love again.  The person being gossiped about wonders what he or she did to deserve such treatment from a "friend."  The relative who has shared confidences, only to discover they've been repeated and distorted and discussed for no apparent reason other than to be hurtful to all concerned, wonders if the bonds of family have any meaning at all.  The person whose coworker announces her failures and missed deadlines to anyone who has ears to hear wonders what she has done to earn this type of treatment.

How to heal after your trust has been shattered

Dr. Carmen Harra, in her Huffpost Blog "13 Steps to Recover from Betrayal" walks you through a healing process that is so profound I wanted to share it with all of Dan's readers.  To go directly to this post, click Read Step to Recover

After Dr. Harra goes through her 13 steps, she recommends some "faith-inducing affirmations" which I believe are helpful under ANY circumstances.  They are:

I trust the people in my life fully; I have faith that they act with respect and genuine intentions towards me.

My future holds unlimited potential; I trust that my loved ones will help me achieve my potential.

I work well with others to set goals and reach accomplishments together.

I am free from the wrongdoings of others; I am unaffected by their behavior.

I trust in the good will of others and I know that kindness will prevail.

If you are working through hurt, betrayal, treachery, please read 13 Steps to Recover From Betrayal Dr. Harra'sarticle, and let Dan know what you think by leaving a comment right here!


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