Forgiveness sets you free: Interpersonal Relationship Skills-Empowerment

Are you struggling with forgiveness?  Have you been SO HURT you cannot forgive?

Have you noticed the world is becoming more about winning and putting down and being first and being number one--and less about compassion, inclusion, love and FORGIVENESS?  The world seems to value "getting even" more than getting love.  We need to revisit forgiving and embracing time and time again to heal a broken world, to heal our own broken relationships, and to heal ourselves.

Truths about forgiveness:

  • Some people can forgive the most egregious atrocities committed against them.
  • Some people cannot forgive even the most minor slight.
  • It is meaningless to forgive the sinner but not the sin.  WHAT'S UP WITH THAT THINKING?
  • You forgive the person, not the action.
  • If you want to be one of those powerful, mighty souls who can forgive ANYTHING--please watch this video.  It will help you.

You can transform the world around you.  You can perform and receive the miracle of healing.  And when you forgive, it is YOU who is miraculously healed.

Oh, and by the way--do you want your children to forgive you for mistakes you've made?  Do you want your partner to forgive you for real or imagined slights and hurts?  Do you want your parents and friends to forgive you for things you've said and done?  Do you want your coworkers to forgive you for something you've done or failed to do--for mistakes and for hurts?  Then you might consider that the first step towards receiving the gift of forgiveness is giving the gift of forgiveness.


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