Professional communication expert Dan O'Connor gives power phrases and body language tips for dealing with difficult people

How to Deal with Critical People: The Saboteur | Free Communication Skills Lessons Online from Dan O'Connor

In this video/audio lesson, you'll learn how to deal with "the saboteur." The saboteur is a type of critic you'll find both at work and at home. If you've been taken off-guard by this critic, listen to this podcast, follow Dan's advice, and it will never happen again. Are you tired of difficult people getting the best of you, ruining your day, attacking you at work, or making your life miserable? Don't quit your job--instead, quit letting them get the best of you, and let professional communication skills expert, author, youtuber, and keynote speaker Dan O'Connor show you what to do so the next time you meet the critic, you'll have the right words to shut them down and feel good about how you did it.


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