How to Deal With Different--and Difficult--Personality Types Pt 1

How to Deal With Different--and Difficult--Personality Types Pt 1: How to identify them

Do you know how to style-step--i.e. speak the language of different personality types? | Professional communication training online

What is the benefit of knowing the different personality types--and being able to recognize and identify them?

Increase your effective communications skills:  If you are an office manager or administrator, recognizing the different personality types of your team means you will treat them as they wish to be treated, and you will place them in the appropriate positions of responsibility--and with the right people--to form the best teams possible.  (For example, expressives and amiables get along very well--but if you want the details attended to, you'd better have an analytical or a driver in that group.) If you are married or have a significant other or have children, recognizing their personality types will help you enormously in the relationship because you will have a greater depth of understanding.  You'll learn to recognize their needs and be able to meet those needs.  There are numerous benefits to understanding personality types--and then style-stepping with each one.  What is style-stepping?  It is speaking the language of the personality with whom you're engaging.  Dan will tell you about the four personality types, how to recognize them, and how to style-step.  Great information on getting along with people!  Just to whet your appetite a little:

What are the four personality types?


Expressives--right brain thinkers, extroverts--star types--visible--thrive on being seen and heard and noticed--very social--dress very colorfully--and Much more

Amiables--right brain thinkers, extroverts AND--

Drivers--leaders, extroverts, assertive AND--

Analyticals--leaders, extroverts, assertive AND--

Will you get enough details to REALLY be able to identify the personality types of people around you?

You bet!

Communication skills coach Dan O'Connor will give you a detailed description of each type so that you will know how to recognize them a mile away--including how they are apt to dress, and the type of car they will probably be driving.  By the time you are finished with this video, you'll learn a great deal about your own personality, and be able to identify the type and style of most people around you.  This video is a MUST for administrators and managers--and a good bet for anyone who wishes to understand more about the people around them so they can "style step" to be heard and to be more effective in relating to those people.  If you want to increase your communication skills and deepen your interpersonal skills, this video is for you.


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Dec 29, 2023