How to Give the Perfect Gift: Remember it says two things!
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How to Give the Perfect Gift: Remember it says two things!

Wondering how to give the perfect gift? It can be very simple. This holiday season, remember, a gift says two things to the recipient (especially if their language of respect, appreciation, love, gratitude, and apologies is giving and receiving gifts!).

Those two things are:

  1. I pay attention to you, and

  2. Here's what I've noticed.

So, think about that when you're giving a gift. What is it saying about you? Do you pay attention to the person? How does your gift say that? And what does it say you've noticed?

If you can't clearly answer those questions, and justify the message your gift sends, you may want to re-think your strategy altogether.

And if someone's language is gifts, don't even think about re-gifting. Unless, of course, you want the relationship to come to a close.

Happy holidays, everyone, and thank you for being a part of my 2017. I hope you find yourself surrounded by those you love and who love you this holiday season.


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