Online communication coach Dan O'Connor helps you heal past hurts.

How to Move On, let go of the past, Get Un-Stuck, And Heal an emotional scar, or Sacred Wound: Dan O'Connor Mindful Communication

Heal Emotional Scars, move on and find peace

How many times do you get caught up, bound up and wound up thinking about a past hurt or slight.  It might be a particular incident.  It might be how you were treated for years.  It might be something seemingly insignificant to others, but important to you.  It might be something profoundly imprinted on everyone in your life.  Whatever it is--if you think about it, dwell on it, are negatively impacted by it and seem to be "stuck" with it--it's an emotional scar that requires healing.  It's a wound that has been covered up through scarring, but not healed.  You need help beyond "Just get over it" or "leave it alone" or "try not to think about it" or the very worst--"JUST GROW UP."  None of these suggestions are helpful.  They are similar to telling a drowning man "Just swim!!"  No, if you are suffering from something that hurt you long ago and you can't get past it--you need more than empty suggestions.  You need positive suggestions for acting.

Dan gives you more than the words in this video; he gives you the actions

Do you have six minutes to spend on yourself?  What if these six minutes resulted in life-changing information--information that will tell you what to do to heal so that you can truly move on from a hurtful event, or a series of painful encounters?  Are you still immersed in thoughts of how you were hurt growing up?  Are you bothered by that one person who diminished and demeaned you and has taken control of your thoughts?  Would you like to move on and heal emotional scars, but you just can't find a way?  Take six minutes and watch this video. Then you'll know what to do--guaranteed.



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