Professional communication training:  Handling back-handed compliments

How to Respond to Backhanded Compliments and Other Passive-Aggressive Comments at Work

Backhanded compliments--your holiday treasure!

The holidays are here, and that means eating and drinking and generally over-doing it, whether at work or at home.  This is a time for communication skills and tactics for handling all the well-meaning and not-so-well meaning people with whom you'll be socializing.  This video is designed to prepare you for all encounters, including the troublesome co-worker just waiting for the opportunity to throw a few backhanded compliments your way.  Here are a few samples, taken directly from Dan's YouTube viewers

Here's a back-handed compliment I witnessed recently said to a skilled and experienced multi-disciplinary artist: "I just love how you dabble in so many things!" Lol

One large man leaned over a small woman at an office party and said, 'what does a little woman like you do with her time?' And this little lady put her finger in her mouth and stared up wide - eyed and said, 'Silly me's a judge.'

Hi there, haven't seen you for a while, my, you look good FOR YOUR AGE. (Especially, considering the person giving you the backhanded compliment, is the same bloody age as you and has a face like a leather handbag). Just saying. ????

Girl friend of my 20 something yr old son said they had been looking at some of my photos taken 20 some yrs ago then said " You used to be so pretty" I just looked at her and thought What? In the next few weeks I realised all conversations with this girl included a backhanded compliment without fail.
So, this was said to me minutes before a concert by another singer: “Oh I just love your dress... that length is coming back in fashion again”...
A woman said to my mother years ago, referring to my dad, I don't know how someone like you got him.

And unfortunately, there are so many many more, as you'll see if you stop by Dan's YouTube channel and watch this same video there.

In his video, Dan outlines exactly how to effectively and mindfully put an end to this behavior by spotlighting it and then rising above it.  He gives you the outline and the WORDS you need to empower yourself when faced with hurtful comments cloaked as a compliment.

Backhanded compliments are nothing more than insults in sheep's clothing,  and it helps to be armed when people come at you with a sledgehammer.  After watching this video, you'll be armed and ready for holiday parties or any events where two or more are gathered--including around the office water cooler.


To check out Dan's classes, books, and audio/video training, or to book Dan for an event, go to Dan's website.  You'll be glad you did!

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