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How To Tell What Personality Type Someone Else Is By Looking at Them; The Social Styles at Work

Social Styles--They will reveal the personality type

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You can tell the personality type of an individual if you listen to how they talk. Their social styles will reveal which type they are.  For example--you are in customer service and an individual comes in the door and says: "Hey, I have a problem!  I need help right now."  This is a Driver.  He gets to the point and thinks that by just stating he has a problem--you should know what the problem is.  The second customer comes in the door and says:  "I need help on my credit card.  My account number is . . .  and my credit card number is. . . .  About a week ago, I bought a wrench that I have since returned.  Here is the receipt.  You'll see that the purchase was made on . . . ."  Of course, this is the analytical, telling you the problem in great detail--before you even ask!  This video is full of examples of how each personality type acts and talks, what type of car they are apt to drive, what their GARAGE will reveal about them--and so on.  If you want to recognize each type, so you can speak to that person in the most effective way possible--watch the video.  You can then avoid the trap of going into great detail with the driver--detail he/she may well see as a waste of time.  JUST SOLVE MY PROBLEM SO I CAN GET OUT OF HERE; I DON'T CARE WHO CAUSED IT.  JUST SOLVE IT!  On the other hand, you don't want to be too abrupt with the person who is clearly an amiable.  You will want to look up, make eye contact, establish the PEC (personal emotional connection) and go the extra mile to be pleasant while you handle and explain the problem.  Amiables want to visit with you and will remember how "nice" you were.  Drivers do not.  They will remember whether or not you EFFICIENTLY solved their problem.  For obvious reasons, you can be more effective in your communication and interpersonal relationships with people if you understand what makes them tick and then respond/communicate with them accordingly.  Effective communication skills require understanding--and also lead to more understanding.  Knowledge of personality types is critical to understanding with whom you're dealing.  Dan will explain these personality types and their social styles in his inimitable manner, which is both amusing and educational.  Watch the entire video or you're cheating yourself!  


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