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How Women Should Handle Interruptions: Assertive and Confident Communication

Interrupting someone while they are speaking is disrespectful and can be frustrating, especially when it happens repeatedly. Unfortunately, women are more likely to be interrupted than men, even in professional settings. According to a study by George Washington University, men interrupt women more than they interrupt other men, and women are more likely to be perceived as "dominating the conversation" even when they are interrupted. It is essential for women to know how to handle interruptions assertively and professionally.

The first thing to remember is that women should not apologize when they are interrupted. It is not their fault, and apologizing can make them appear weak and give up power. Instead, women should firmly say, "I'm speaking" and continue their statement. It's important to say it with confidence and without any hint of apology or doubt. Women should also be prepared to raise their voices if necessary to ensure that they are heard.

It's also crucial for women to understand that attempting to be too polite can give up power and make them appear weak. Women should not be afraid to assert themselves and command respect. Being assertive doesn't mean being aggressive or rude, but it does mean being confident and firm in communicating your message.

Another helpful tip is to use body language to assert yourself. Maintaining eye contact, standing tall, and using a clear and steady voice can all convey confidence and assertiveness. Women should also be aware of their tone of voice and avoid sounding apologetic or unsure. Speaking in a confident and assertive tone can help command attention and respect.

In summary, being interrupted while speaking can be frustrating, but women can handle it assertively and professionally. Women should not apologize and firmly say, "I'm speaking" while raising their voice if necessary. Being too polite can give up power, so women should be prepared to assert themselves confidently and command respect. Remember that body language and tone of voice are also essential in conveying confidence and assertiveness. By being assertive and commanding respect, women can help break down gender barriers and be heard in all professional settings.

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