Communicating with flowers by communication skills training expert Dan O'Connor

Keep your environment sharp because it says a lot about you

communication with flowerBlog by Jean M. Schmith

What on earth do floral arrangements have to do with communication?

You might say NOTHING and you would be right.  Or you might say PLENTY and you would be right.  How can both be right?  Well, you might arrange flowers and place them around your house and office because you enjoy the scent and the beauty of flowers.  Maybe floral arrangements just plain make you feel good--fresh--alive.  But at the same time, fresh flowers communicate something to people about YOU.  Fresh flowers can communicate a sense of joy, orderliness, a zest for appreciating and keeping up one's environment and surrounding oneself with beauty.  Just as socks and books and wrappers strewn on the bedroom floor tell us much about the mental state of teenagers, flowers tell us something about the mental state of the person who takes the time to place them around in strategic places.  You RARELY find a floral arrangement in the room of a teenage boy, do you?  Just as you rarely find a mature adult sleeping in the bedroom I've described.  Why is that?  Because people tend to reflect themselves in the environment they create.

So, have I convinced you that this video belongs on a communication blog?  If so, I'M GOOD!

In this video, Dan takes a break from discussing relationships, teaching effective communication skills, and helping you develop your customer service skills.  He just thought you might want to know how to do a bang-up floral arrangement for under twenty bucks.  You'll feel better, your home or office will look better, and your day will be brighter and your nights full of sweet aroma.  He reminds you that for a gathering, add a little soft light and soft music (or not so soft) a bottle of wine, a block of cheese and a few baguettes--and you are REALLY ready for guests!  So go ahead and watch and learn and enjoy--and then do.  You'll be happy you did and so will those around you.


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