Mindful Responses to Gaslighting with Dan O'Connor

Mindful Responses to Gaslighting  



Mindful responses to gaslighting.

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00:00 Introduction

00:29 Phrase Number One

01:00 The Broken Record + That May Be, But

02:56 Ask Them to Repeat It

03:53 I'm Going to Need Some Time to Think About That

05:03 Maybe That would Explain Things

06:41 Let Me Explain it To You

07:17 Don't Label Me __ Because I ___

08:40 There are Many Appropriate Responses, Unfortunately, . . .

10:02 Learn to Create Miracles

Phrase number one: I know what I saw. I know what I heard. I know what happened. The gaslighter is behaving as though, "I never told you that, Dan. I mean, really." And while they're gaslighting you and trying to throw you onto the bus, they might say things to you such as, "I don't think that's exactly how it. Are you sure you're remembering things correctly? I mean, you know how you are. You know how he is." If they try to pull that type of bullshit with you in front of other people, remember-- we train people how to treat us, so we must put a stop to this behavior and here are a few phrases to help you do that:

Now those are three different phrases, but choose one of them and stick to it. And remember the broken record and the, that may be, but the broken record and the, that may be but is one of the most effective, powerful communication tactics of them all and can really save you a lot of time and heartache and it shows such strength when you use it correctly.

If somebody, for example, says to something like that-- if somebody says, "Dan, are you sure that you remember things correct?" "I know what happened." That is it. Do not explain yourself. Do not defend yourself. "I mean, You can sometimes be forgetful." "That may be, but I know what happened." "Oh, Dan, you are so dramatic." "That may be, but I know what happened." I'm going to give you some more tactics that are a little bit more advanced, and if you are coming home from work, feeling exhausted or feeling sick because of some gas lighter at work. Keep reading.

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