Offensive Phrases to delete--effective communication skills training  

Offensive phrases distract from and can kill the message

In this video about offensive phrases (danger phrases), Dan lists several words we may be using that harm our message and our self-image, and suggests stronger and more accurate words and phrases (power phrases) that will make our message clear without offending the listener.  How we present the message is as important as the message itself.

For example, describing someone or someone's actions as weird, strange, funny is not complimentary, and generally is not an accurate statement of what we mean--of what we want to impart to the listener.  These words will OF COURSE cause people to react defensively.  Very few people want to be seen as weird or strange.  These words are especially inappropriate in an office setting when you are attempting to describe the behavior of a co-worker, subordinate, or boss.  The word you are looking for is "unusual."  The power word, that is neither negative nor positive is "unusual," or out of the norm of expectations.  "Unusual" means "I am noticing a change from the regular pattern and I'm going to point it out."  This word will not evoke self-talk, and will no doubt cause the listener to want to hear more.  The word "unusual" is a professional way of beginning a conversation wherein you want to point out that what the person is doing is different from what he/she normally does.  It is a far more professional and precise term than words such as weird or strange or funny.

In this video Dan will give several examples of danger words you should omit, and the mindful power words and phrases that will serve you much better, and get the results you are seeking.  Using the right words is the first step to mindful communication--to effective, savvy communication.  You will never have effective communication skills if you don't use the right words, that hopefully spring from an enlightened, compassionate attitude.


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