Power Phrases for Toxic Family Member

Power Phrases to Protect against Toxic Family Members  

When it comes to dealing with toxic people at family gatherings, Dan O'Connor's power phrases can help you keep your composure and maintain a sense of peace. He recommends staying away from aggressive language and instead using brief, assertive phrases that cannot be misinterpreted.

For example, you might use the phrase "I hear what you're saying" to acknowledge what the other person has said without necessarily agreeing with them. Similarly, you can use the power phrase "I'll take that into consideration" to show respect for someone's opinion while demonstrating that ultimately it is your decision.

When toxic people are trying to make you feel guilty or manipulate a situation, Dan recommends using power phrases such as "I see it differently" or "You just said I'd be good at that, and then you rolled your eyes. Are you trying to say I would not be good at it? To be clear, is that what you are saying?" These power phrases help to take the power away from the other person and put it back into your own hands.

By employing Dan's power phrases, you can maintain a sense of confidence and peace at your next family gathering, knowing that you can handle toxic people when they try to corner you or put you down. With practice, power phrases can become a habit and help you stay away from aggressive language, while making certain your boundaries are protected.


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