the top 10 mistakes women make when communicating with men at work

Top 10 Body Language Mistakes Women Make When Communicating With Men

In this professional communication training video, communication skills coach Dan O'Connor ILLUSTRATES and discusses the top 10 body language mistakes women make when interacting with men in the workplace.  He's discussing the world as it is, not as women--and intelligent men--want it to be.

This is a must-see video for women who want to be taken seriously in a world full of men who may or may not welcome their presence at the table.  Businesswomen don't want to be objectified, and yet they sometimes unwittingly contribute to being seen as a distraction rather than a business asset.  In this video, Dan points out things women might be doing to distract from their business acumen.

If you don't have a sense of humor, skip this video.  If you want to learn and laugh at the same time, press "full screen" and turn up the volume because--this vid's for you.


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Dec 29, 2023