free video training on body language and other visual tactics
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free video training on body language and other visual tactics

free video training on Verbal Tactics, Visual Tactics That Enhance Effective Communication Skills

A Primer on Verbal Tactics, Visual Tactics (including Body Language) that can make you a more effective communicator

Verbal Tactics, Visual Tactics:  One of the several visual tactics that Dan discusses: The Power Projector.

The Power Projector is an exercise that will help you get ready for any important meeting where you must be seen as a strong, powerful communicator.  First of all, you should know that your posture sends a message to those around you--not just on the conscious level, but also on a subconscious and biological level.  If you stand with shoulders slouched, head turned to the side, arms hanging at your side--this sends a message of passivity and that message is read by the viewer on many levels.  So if you want your message to be one of strength, effectiveness and power--STAND LIKE IT.  Stand with your shoulders back, chest out, head straight (rather than with a tilt) and forward looking.  And to prepare for doing this, you employ the Power Projector.

A few minutes before your meeting, go to a private room and stand with your feet apart, your arms outstretched, palms forward.  You are essentially making an X with your body.  Hold that position for 2-3 minutes, preferably 3.  This will raise your testosterone levels and lower your cortisol levels (yes, this is for women too), and will make you FEEL more confident and powerful.  And when you feel confident and powerful, that message is picked up by others on a conscious, subconscious, and biochemical level.  When you go into that meeting, you now have an advantage that you didn't have before.  After practicing the exercise, assume the power position (shoulders back, chest out, eyes forward, head straight) whether sitting or standing, and you'll exude strength that others will immediately see and feel.

Verbal Tactics, Visual Tactics: Two of the several verbal tactics that Dan discusses: Danger and Power Phrases

Replace "I have an idea" with . . .  and replace "love you" with . . . .    To find out the power phrases that should be used to replace those weak danger phrases--just watch the video!  You'll learn these power phrases and so much more relating to verbal and visual tactics that you can employ to become a savvy, successful communicator.  Effective communication skills are learned and developed; we aren't born with them. That's Dan's goal--to help people develop their communication skills so that the world and everyone in it will be made better, richer, more peaceful, more compassionate, more mindful and more loving--one communicator at a time.


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